Thursday, 29 July 2010

Its a Dirrrty job, But someones gotta do it!

Headed out last night with my friend Dangerous Dave as he has been asking for months to take him out Piking..... i think he kind of had the same idea as everyone else that fishing is this boring slow Hobby where we sit the and watch floats :-) gosh was he in for a surprise ha ha within the first half hour i had numerous smashes and hits from decent pike he couldnt believe there was fish this size and sooo crazy in this small venue! he had his eyes glued to the surface lures not wanting to miss a thing it was really warming to see someone who im normally seen with after a few shandys down the pubs come up here with me and actually be amazed by what i was doing !

Dave did a good Job of Netting her for me after a very spirited fight all the way in! this fish actually got hooked twice! it came off first i was gutted as i knew it was a lump seeing it in the clear water. i cast out directly over it again and SMASH it took again...... 18lb 2oz of mental Summer surface Pike. it was one of a good buch of fish all of which hit double figures, with one fish only being a tiddler but all in all a great evening out. wicked to see a fresh face on the bank experiencing this fishing!


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