Friday, 21 January 2011

10,000 plus hits!

Wow, My blog hit over 10,000 hits in the last 12months this morning! cheers to all the readers and followers, these season is going to see some Awesome things lined up so keep ya eyes peeled! thanks again guys :-)

Well on Wed me and Nick Hart headed out for a long over due session on a local venue where we bantered on about all sorts of crazy ventures for this season!

I supplied the gear for the session as most of you know Nicks a Fly angler and we wanted a change, check out this beast of a log Nick managed to land! gotta be 2011 biggest catch lol! hardly fitted in my huge net. conditions were not the best but we got lots of chat sorted for the next coming season etc. Please take the time to flick across to Nicks site which can be found in my Links section, he has a full write up of the day and lots of other interesting stuff from the wonderfull world of flyfishing :-)


Monday, 17 January 2011

Playing around

Check out a couple of these images Jimbo took on our last trip out last week, we spent a bit of time playing around with different angles and styles of shooting lure fishing with some cracking results! we had a blast thinking up new techniques and it was funny seeing Jimbo soaking up the water like a tea bag in his leaky snowbees lol :-) iv seen allot of images in the last 12months through Gilbeys stuff of guys lure fishing and loads of shots of loaded rods! check this just dont realise how much rods load up while casting fairly light lures....... thats a impressive bend dont you think! id love to see what my 8ft bass rod does chucking a Xpod or something! its not like im really punching these casts its not a great distance to the far bank as you can see in this picture, i really like this shot it really shows what your gear can do, soooo many guys piss about with stupidly heavy gear when there really is no need. we will try and get some more shots like this on the next sessions.Check this splash shot...... this took sooooo long to capture but was good fun all the same, how i didnt put the jig through the camera i dont know :-) this is a picture you just dont see in the mags or media, it works perfectly we will try this next time with a floating plug in firetiger or something! it'll create such a cool shot seeing the lure still floating in the surface! not only was it good fun but it was good piching practice which is a method i use on small rivers etc as you can cast well in tight areas with no backswing! all in all a good day out. hope you like the photo's check them out plus lots more on Jimbo's Facebook in my useful links section


Monday, 10 January 2011

Perch...... Not just for Parrots!

Well me and Jimbo had a shite session on wednesday..... its rained full stop for the whole morning while out on one of my local venues fishing for Pike, couldnt even get the cameras out! Jimbo said later in the week that sundays weather looked mint did we fancie a early doors Perch session! I love Perch fishing wish sometimes they would be pike size i really do think i wouldnt fish for anything else! i got dragged out on the piss sat nite so getting up for 4.30 was entertaining! but we managed to crack on and get to the venue just as the sun was peeping over the horrizon its was starting to take shape :-)

its always good to get out with Jimbo, as we set up the gear both Rod and camera its always some funny banter and especially with the hang over i was nursing! burning the candle at both ends as they call it! I had a Plano full to the brim of various softplastics from the likes of MegaBass, Sebile, SavageGear and Lunker City and a mixture of jig heads from Owner and Gamakatsu armed to the teeth for my Stripey mates. this venue lends itself to lutes around 3-5iches be it grubs or shads with yellows and whites being my favorites! but my friends who also visit here with me have caught on some awesomely garrish BassPro lures, the key is reading your water and knowing the gear in your hand!
This Perch nailing this Sebile Magic swimmer softbait but barely getting hooked i was a lucky devil with this fish! after dropping two previous to this Perch i was beginning to think i had'nt had any hooks in the lures..... These Sebile soft Swimmers are truly the dawgs nuts for most pred fish in the UK not my first choice for this venue but it just felt right at the time! the almost hypnotic swimming action is all thats need to nail these perch in here! i'd normally stick with a white shad on a 8g owner jig and owner st-36 stinger for good measures something like the SavageGear cannibal shad below
The sun was really rolling up through the sky now, the light was amazing still bloody cold but just enough heat from the sun to take the edge off :-) the Perch fishing wasnt as good as hoped with a couple chases, two dropped fish and One plump 2lber but as said we had a ball messing around with various camera styles and angles we really went to town on getting some new innovative look to the photo's. ill do a seperate write up in the week with some of Jimbo shots while we played with angles and light etc. the morning went sooo fast and before we knew it, it was gone 1pm and time to call it a day! Me and Mais the realtree dog managed another look at some decent swims with only a hit and a chase to show so we called it a day!Watch this space me and Jimbo have some really new exciting stuff lined up for 2011 and it will all be put up on here as well the Mags, think its going to be a corker of a year! please check out Jim O'donnell in my usefull links section his photo work is top notch and a pleasure to work with!


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cracking day out........

Well the last month or so has been soooooo hard with the shite weather conditions etc but everything came good today..... :-) after weeks of pulling my hair out with horrid conditions we finally managed to hit some local spots. First off was one of my favorite tiny lowland rivers always stuffed with chub, pike and perch but after a hour or so things didnt really happen! we managed 2-3 follows between me and Martin from small perch to around a pound when the water started to colour up loads making it hard work, we decided for a quick move to a venue on the flood levels where i knew things could turn good, after only 2 casts in one of the tight snaggy swims this shows its ugly head!!
Soooooo nearly the Magic wild 30lber number 3 but she didnt make it........ but its always a pleasure to witness beasts like this stunner! safely returned to fight another day :-) she nailed a white 5inch Savagear Cannibal shad it went fudging crazy under the rod tip then steamed off down the drain towards a snag then came to the surface for a nice shake of the gills then off again before i slammed on the breaks for the Net! what a way to start the season with one of my largest Lure caught pike. we fished this venue for a couple hours upsetting the Jacks and the odd perch when we decided to sneak off to the last venue for the lower light in search of Mr Perch! half hours drive in to the middle of no bloody where we finally got to this gawjus river within 10mins of getting there things looked great with two follows my Perch to about a pound again when i cast to a slack and Bang i knew strate away i had a Perch this nice chucky 2lber was a pleasant catch and i was now ready for home with numb fingers and nose the light was dropping fast, off home we go! cracking day out chuffed to bits as iv really struggled with the "no fishing" the last month! Mart blanked lol

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