Friday, 23 July 2010

Surface Pollack!!!

Managed to hit the south coast of Devon in the week with Martin for a spot of Pollack and Bass bashing, we headed to a gorgeous spot which iv fished a few times this year and its always fished its nuts off!! mostly Pollack here with Maks if you choose to go for them slimey buggers it just screams fish on the lure! we headed out with the usuall lures small nordic spoons and jigs fished on light rods for a good bit of sport! just check out the views from the spots we are lucky enough to fish here!
I stuck to my tried and tested pollack smasher for surface fishing in this gorgeous tide rip running through the creek between me and the small island, it just screamed pollack and bass! 6ft of fast flowing water running through rocks and weed..... can it get any more better than this?? any red blooded angler could NOT resist this spot i almost fell in twice just in excitement trying to rush to the spot, this lure is called the Sebile Stick Shadd. in Blood Red violet 90mm this is a slow float ( kind of suspend ) but fished with a fast erratic twitch its the perfect unpredictable wake/walk bait with fish just love to nail! i used the 114mm version over in Ireland where i caught Pollack off the surface which is a dream come true!! well it all just came together on this evening and i landed 12 Pollack off the surface all on these Sebile lures.
All the Pollack were around the 2-3lb mark but great fun off the surface! i lost two massive fish 5lb plus at range one leaping clear of the water it was like Pike fishing on my local canal they tailwalked all the way into the rocks! i had competition though!! 3 12ft long grey seals they eyted up my fish numerous times and have had the pleasure of Mart having his fish ripped off the line here before!! i didnt want to lose my best lures so we moved. we ended the session with 65plus pollack landed and god knows how many lost, all in all a good evening. the sun set and i couldnt wish to be anywhere else just amazing backdrop and amazing UK fishing. if you want to try out some of Sebiles Lures go to Nick will be sure to sort you out. great sport

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