Friday, 16 July 2010

Nice Night for some Doubles :-)

Fished a really remote part of a southwest venue last night with Adrian and Martin Pike in Mind!!!!! as usuall armed to the teeth with Swampys and ready for action, the weather was crap all day with very strong winds and pissin it down with rain pretty much the whole day but we still managed to show those Pike who's boss..... I landed the first fish after casting my surface lure up into some heavy reeds and lillies in what is looking 100% pikey and instantly hook up within about 6ft of retrieving, it smashed the lure sooooo hard it just gets the heart pounding everytime and the fact iv not night surface fished in couple weeks really puts ya on edge!! after a spirited scrap i put her in the net
things looked good water was warm and the weather was settling the cloud lifted and winds dropped this could be turning into a mental Night session. we fished about a 3mile stretch of this venue abusing all the features and all of us turned a fair few nice fish! Poor Martin was lacking takes and wasnt even getting a sniff while me and Adrian put fish on the banks, we came to what i consider one of the quieter sections but that didnt Bother Adrian! i hooked and lost a nice fish and Adrian shouts he's in! i could hear the take from 50yards away awesome stuff, the fished weighed a good 11lb 6oz and scrapped all the way to the net great sport!
not the best picture quality but good enough for drizzle and a bit of fog. fishing with surface lures is hectic enough in the day you woundnt want to do this fishing if you had a dicky ticker i tell ya! heart stopping takes and runs these fish just bring a grin to my face everytime i get out for them! Now poor old Martin still hasnt even raised a fish yet! mind you the sod did managed to land 3 massive doubles while me and Adrian fished Ireland. the best bottoming out the 25lb scales which is always a good thing lol! a 18lb 5oz and a 15lb 3oz..... the 25lb plusser sounded like a fish yet to be caught by me as Mart tells me it had a old scar on the top of its back and all the biggies we'v landed this season have been clean of damage!! photo's as soon as he has uploaded them! Adrian is on fire at the moment and its not long to he's in again! this time with his venue biggest of 2010! a lovely fish of 16lb 1oz..... he didnt even shout for us with the net as he thought this fish was only a few pounds!! i walk over cool as a cucumber and shine my head torch over to the fish to land it and im greeted with this!! some tiddler!!
well after this it kind of dies the fish really quiet down and we fish a further hour and a half without a sniff, we head back to the car and manage two fish of 6-7lb and Martin has a real sulk on due to the fact he didnt raise one fish!! BUT on last nockings he winkles out this i believe low double, we didnt weigh it he reckons 9lb but i say at least a 10-11lb! nice fish and finished off a cracking nights fishing..... you cant beat this fishing and its still fishing as good as it did 2-3months ago!! with the best to come!!

roll on next time i say, me and Mart our Bassing this weekend and a cant wait to get out again, keep ya eyes peeled for more reports and hopefully some decent piccys


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