Monday, 30 August 2010

Bassin about

well iv been shockinly busy working for my brother so sorry not put anything up for nearly a month!! iv managed a fair bit of fishing mostly in the sea as fresh water needed a bit of a rest! we have been fishing various spots on the south hams in search of Bass with surface lures or soft plastics. with hundreds of tiny Pollack enjoying smashing the lures last weekend we managed to nail a few nice Bass! on the last session we landed four bass to almost 3lb and lost a few biggies one of the venues was literally packed with bass it was almost unreal!
as you can see we fished sooooo hard that Martin fell asleep while holding up this bass for a mug shot! this fish was caught on a 3inch Kaolin grub in pearl white one of our Favorate lures for bass it smashed Marts lure after about three casts to the pillars, it gave a good old scrap on light Bass-pro gear. i had my fish on a Megabass Xlayer in white also, didnt get a decent picture due to the lovely weather that decided to cover us in heavy sea mist. we are out again tonight in search of some of the bigger bass we saw cchase the lures some of which easily reached 8-9lb truly awesome stuff on the light gear

theres plenty of schoolys out there if your willing to get out and try for them..... and this time of year really gets them going! ill hopefully have a much better report up tomorrow after we have had a good session tonight


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