Monday, 28 May 2012

Extreme Ballan Wrasse bashing

We managed to get out again this weekend searching for hefty Ballans with Dan.s and Kyle so after meeting them first thing in the morning the four of us headed off to one of my Pollack and Bass marks which iv not chucked lures for wrasse yet and havent fished in a year or so the weather throughout the week just couldnt get any better it was lush with beaming sunshine and blue skys with next to no wind things looked good! BUT a message from Dan on thurs night saying the winds looked to of kicked off especially for sat!! with gusts of 20mph S/E winds things started to look a little less pukka.... the mark we had planned to fish points southwesterly so with a easterly-ish winds we would be fairly sheltered so still all buzzing we hit the mark ready to punish some Crab Crunchers
It wasnt long before i sniffed a few out of a huge pit gulley with a few casts trying to get the Senko out into deeper water i finally get smashed up! and after a epic scrap i land this beautiful male wrasse showing off his awesome deep spawning colours it was a awesome fish which certainly kicked off the mornings sport at just over 4lb returned to swim another day. by this time the wind was now humping in and shifting 30+mph gusts and i almost got blown off the rocks losing my hat in the sea but thankfully Dan fishes it back out :-) i called Gemma over to fish the gulley next to me where i had my first cast after the fish above and im smashed again in the same area this time this fish peels off braid with a deep hefty fight for a moment i thought it was allot bigger...
with a little help from Gemma i landed this plump 3lber again taken on the superb Hawg Senko from Jacks LRF fished texas style the black with red/green glitter just shafts Ballans its like sweets to them! now by this point Dan and kyle had jumped across a few gulleys and tucked out the way of the mental wind i was now on (get my girlfriend a wrasse) mission and after a bit of casting in the right spot Gemma finally gets into a nice ballan and the rod loops around and Gemma gets stuck in and wind the fish from its hole in the pit, you should of seen the concentration on her face :-) ha ha ha bless her she's really getting into the Texas fishing for wrasse and really shows some good skills she's casting like a dream and actually works the lure better than most! so was awesome to see her with her own wrasse after the frustrating few weekends where she hasnt landed any!
Chuffed to bits that Gemma finally landed one :-) while putting this wrasse back the winds actually blew so hard i lost my hat again this time it went about 50ft in the air and out to sea i had lost my lucky Costa cap :-( i had to actually grab Gemma to stop her getting blown in!! so we decided to move around with the lads. where they had a few good takes but no fish landed but Dan did have one of his SP's completely bitten in half which is always a good sign :-) the weather was horrific now and pretty much unfishable so i fished a small gulley where i got totally ruined by a wrasse it beasted me on my no holes barred drag and snapped me up which is always a gutting situation as i dont like leaving fish with a new piercing! we fished on another half hour and called it a day! nice to get out and brilliant Gemma caught her first wrasse shame the winds reared its ugly head!! Me and Dan are out again soon so fingers crossed!

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Headed out yesterday for a long awaited trip out Wrassing with the Portland Penetrater Karl Fox, this was my second wrassing trip since the Keys and after the last session was a flop due to pants conditions i was raring to go and was looking forward to hitting some cool ground in south devon. Tackle wise we had simular set ups karl fishing his Nories Rockfish to 18g and i had my trusty Mazzera to 21g loaded with PP braid and 3000/4000 Shimano's perfect wrassing gear to put the hurt down on these lumpy Ballans......... It wasnt long before we got stuck in, literally the first gully i cast into and Boom i was in after half a dozen casts!
After the most tiny gentle bite i wound into this Booooty above on a texas fished Xlayer, it belts off braid straight out the gully and into the kelp! i had to put the hurt down and beast the fish from the reef and it swims straight out trying to get into the next gully but i cranked down and got it to the surface where Karl lands in for me. after some quick photos and weighing 5lb 2oz it was returned back to the gully! dead chuffed as we had only been there 5mins so we headed off to the next set of gullys and reefs. The tide was still fairly high and allot of the gullys we wanted to hit still had 6ft of water on top of them so we upped sticks and headed around the corner to a spot where Jim and i had some awesome action last season, it wasnt long before the Crab crunchers started to show there faces!
We had both swapped over to Hawg senko's by this point and pretty much instantly got into the fish casting out to a reef 20yards off the rocks within a few casts we started gettin hits on the Texas rigs, i cast out and on the drop get smashed good and proper! i wind into it and this thing turns and heads off to france with a solid deep powerful run and then bites me off! almost straight after Karl shouts out he's in and after a quality scrap off the reef he lands this wrasse above. The tides going out nicely now and i scrambled down the rocks and whammed out my black 4" senko im into a wrasse straight away on the same reef Karl had his first fish not as big as my first but still a blast!
We decided a move to the next set of gullys which just looked amazing and screamed wrasse it was literally mouth watering and anyone who does this kind of rock hopping would be in pieces seeing the ground we were covering! it looked amazing deep gullys under our feet and rock pinnacles and reefs scattered everywhere. we managed some amzing sport and some hefty smash ups which every time has your heart buzzin and gagging for the next fish! after a awesome bit of coastal path in the middle of no where we hit our next spot but there was a bunch of noddy danglers on the main patch of gullys so we clambered around the corner down into the guts of the cliff such awesome coastline, almost moon like! Karl is first in the main gully and i was on the ledge above him and could actually see the wrasse chasing and hitting his lures! i couldnt hang around any longer and cliff hanged to the next rock and flicked of my Black/red glitter senko and we both hooked up straight away!
Two gorgeous ballans nailed under our feet the colours here were amazing, deep reds and oranges with white and electric blues amazing sport and such pretty fish! light lure fishing cant really get any better than this, and the sport just got better and better with almost every cast our lures getting hit or hookups!
I must of landed on a wrasse pit..... i had 4 good wrasse from the same spot all around the 3lb mark all caught on Senkos these lures are trully deadly all these fish apart from one looked shit hot with there deep reds and blues these photos dont do them justice. Karl had clambered up around and was now on a ledge to the left of me where he also gets into the fish with another fish about 2.5lb, it was long to i was in again! with another Boooty of a wrasse this one smashed me up good and proper and dragged me around the rocks i could feel the braid on the rocks but managed to turn it and get a quick snap.
we gave this spot another 10mins and it got quiet so we lumped up the rocks to the ledges on the front of this headland where there was some guys fishing for plaice, we squeezed in under there rods and chucked a mixture of senkos and other lures at these awesome wrasse i think it was my second cast and i nailed another 3.5lber and Karl gets one about 3lb. Karl was on the ledge above me to the left when i catch out the corner of my eye his Nories looping over and some drag pulling off his reel! this fish was in a big hole right under Karls feet so i scambled down to land this Boooty
Karl with his PB wrasse caught on some AGM soft plastic which was like a ribbed senko it got absolutely nailed and put up a awesome scrap this was Karls second PB breaking fish of the session! it just doesnt get any better than that! it was getting late now we had been on the water 13hours by now and had a good clamber along the rocks and coastal paths to the car both of us had a beaming smile and really enjoyed the day out wrassing! it was well over due as iv been gagging to get out on them for weeks now. good banter all round and already planning the next trip. wellll keep your eyes peeled for the next session in the next week or so


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crab Crunchers, easy "how to's"

One of the fastest growing aspects our modern lure which i feel this season will get a good going over is Wrassing on the soft plastics, with a good season of showing what can be done on mine and Jim Odonnells facebooks last year and Henry Gilbeys sea angler article as well as the feature done for Total sea fishing by Jimbo this season pretty much every lure angler around has had a bit of wrassing bouncing around there brains!! This deadly simple and fun fishing is really going to kick off a storm and will be the downfall of some HUGE Ballans this summer and i couldnt think of any better way to spend my time on the rocks!! in this post im going to show the simplest method to get you into the Wrasse.
Above is a picture of the basics, i like standard worm hooks rather than the EWG style as they have a slimmer profile when rigged (gets chomped easier) these above are Gamakatsu 54413's round bend other hooks i like are the Owner ultra point worm hooks again not EWG as well as the Lunker City Texposers or the Decoy smaller rockfish styles for smaller texas rigging. Cone leads from BassPro in 10g 7g and 5g these are bulk packs 25 pieces in a tub rather than the rip off 3's sold in the UK for more than we payed for these BassPro's (which me and James stocked up on!!) There is literally endless amounts of soft plastics which are all cracking wrasse lures, i LOVE Megabass Xlayers.
Above is a closer look at the cone leads we will use all this season, these are plain no thrills bullet/cone leads with a concave back end allowing you to butt them up to your soft plastics nice and snug for a clean and affective Texas rigged lure, like i said above the weights i favour are 10-7-5 grams this gives me good control in pretty much most conditions from slightly lumpy sea's to the 5g in the really lush flat sea's we all hope for! rigging these couldnt get any simpler thread your fluro through and tie on your hook! (making sure the lead is pointing forward!) some guys like to put a small bead between the lead and the hook to act as a buffer for the knot but the way i rig the hook so the eye is inside the soft plasic i tend to leave the bead out. the key is to rig the lead and lure so they match, no point in having a tiny lead when its swelled sea's as your not getting that contact you want but also you dont want a wompa stompa of a lead which makes the lure crash dive to the bottom! but your get all that tweaked the more you fish and you get familular with the gear your chucking.
Xlayers :-)......... these little bundles of rubbery Wrasse biscuits are my best friends through the summer in the standard and giant Xlayer and have caught me some proper beautys over the last couple seasons and my biggest UK wrasse from last year. these are my personal fav's and especially in the Ayu colour above, i like the silvers and even blues which have caught more than the standard greens browns and reds. other soft plastics which i liked and caught on are senkos from Jacks LRF, as well as hawg craws, slug-go's MB spindle worms and MB it-shrimps! at the end of the day there is soooooo amny different types of soft plastics from tons of brands out there its down to your personal choice, through my work it allows me to smash these Xlayers left right and centre but to most of you guys they are a expensive wrasse SP.
Heres the final master piece..... once you have tied your hook on, i use a bog standard Uni knot but to be honest any of the knots you prefer and what you feel confident using, i use Seaguar fluro in 20-25lb and i use that higher breaking strain simply its what i like to use over the rougher ground and my no holes barred style of yank the fish from there gully! i saw on facebook on Luke Fox a cornish angler a discussion on a photo regarding super light lines against heavier and the pros and cons, again this is your choice. have that attached to your braided mainline and your ready to fish the Texas rig. simple as it gets and deadly effective, there are a few other methods i like to use for wrassing such as the hitch-hiked jigs and drop shotting, they all have there good points and ill go into detail more some other time. well i hope this sheds a little light on a method which will allow you to hit those Pigs on the rocks this summer

tight lines

Monday, 7 May 2012

Wrassy Bassy

Went out today loaded to the teeth for smashing some Wrasse along some of my hotspots, left this morning not really sure of what the water was going to greet us with after all the rain but luckily the water was spot on with perfect tides and water nice and clear i was joined by two of north devons piscatorial perverts Dan and Kyle. this was there first proper wrasse trip with the more modern gear so was good to get out with keen anglers for some good banter anfd fishing fun! after a slow start and a few venue changes the Wrasse didnt really seem to wanna play ball and after only a few chases and taps nothing much was happening! Me and Dan fished a pit when we heard Kyle shout across holding up this beauty
Kyle.B with his PB bass and nailed on a sledhead and Molix sligozzo
This fish was a awesome surprise as we had only just said if felt very bassy today and we had all had a few chucks with the plugs etc with not much luck, this beauty went 4lb 14oz and is Kyles PB and nailed on the lure what a bonus!! the tide had about another hour and a half before low and was looking mint we all managed a few follows on the plugs, i was using a Zonk for a bit then switched over to the MB x120 my heart was skipping beats as i had a fish come in twice on the lure but no hits Dan also has a fish follow on a IMA Nabarone. we fished on for a bit more in hopes for some wrasse when the tide started pushing but nothing happened so after some more banter we headed home! a tough day but good company and a nice bonus bass made it worth while :-)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Poonz part.2

Well today was the day we would get our jigging gear ready for some action on the grass beds and flats before the evening Poon session! our tackle was going to be light jigging rods loaded with 10lb braid with 5g painted jigs baited up with Berkley Gulp shrimps and fin-shads, i fell instantly in love with this style of fishing as its vey much what i do when chasing Zeds or jigging for perch just a bit slower as Jim kept telling me to slow everything down (i blame excitement) it wasnt long before we drifted over prime trout water and Jimbo instantly commenced in the ass whooping where he nailed 6 trout to my one fish!! it wasnt long before we hit the fish properly and most drifts saw us hit trout to around 18-19inches
My first "keeper" trout
The action just got better and better from then on with different fish showing up everywhere! i cast out my Gulp shrimp and soon as it hits the water my line starts peeling off the reel before iv even clipped the bail over, i crank down and get greeted with a fish which was one of my top targets while over here Mr Jack Creval :-) and man people didnt mess about when they said these fish fight like nothing else...... not a skyline jumper but long runs and grumpy dogged fighter which when you pull they pull straight Back!! not a big first Jack but i was chuffed to bits and couldnt be happier
Jimbo was still wacking out trout left right and centre, while i seemed to hook everything but trout with a couple Yellow Jacks after this fish, they didnt fight as much as the cousin above but still amazing sport! i catch out the corner of my eye Jims rod slamming over..... this was either a HUGE trout or another Jack. after a quick but touch scrap the fish shows its face and Jim has nailed a chunky "keeper" Mangrove snapper which was cool to see it wasnt long before i was in too and these puppys dont half pull your string i tell ya!! once you get them out the water you can 100% see why there called Snapper!! you wouldnt want these fcukers grabbing your fingers...... talk about savage! the noise it made when it snaps away was like clicking your fingers AWESOME stuff

my first "keeper" snapper on a 5g jig
It was time to stop jigging and head back to the bridges to see what Poonz were out to play on this awesome evening, but after a couple hours with the crab and pinfish live baits we managed one hit which didnt come to anything. the light was faling now and we had some Bud's to drink with some Mahi Mahi ready to eat waiting for us :-) after a quick blast home we finished the day with grinning faces from the productive day on the water. friggin awesome fun i say! when your tanking back to our place you really get a chance to sit back and realise what your doing and what a angling paradise we had around us.
The next day Jimbo had some old lobster boat wrecks lined up for us to try where we would fish lures and cut baits which could literally show up any fish..... every hit on the lure or bite on the bait rods got your heart thumping! we chummed the water around the boat untill all you could see for as far as you could see was tons of Pinfish and other baitfish, it wasnt long before the cut baits got a hammering from the small snappers and pinfish i landed a few tiddler Yellow tail snapper and muttons and then my rod lumps over im IN!!! on the ultralight jigging gear, i could feel the fish peeling braid off the rod and rubbing the wreck but i dont fcuk around and tried to put the breaks on using only 10lb braid but i was getting somewhere and the fish was coming my way! to my joy i nailed my first Gag Grouper.... such a pretty fish!!
Chuffed to bits over this fish and WOW what a fighter!! by this point the wreck was crawling with pinfish so Jimbo said lets hit the Flats with the bucktails in search of the Bonefish...... and i wasnt prepared for what i was going to see next! these flats are soooooo beautiful and really have to be seen with your own eyes to be believed. they had fish screaming from every nook and cranny, truly amazing stuff drifting these flats where we saw huge nurse sharks, stingrays and the one fish that triggers my imagination HUGE Barracuda..... with a few over 30lb! now iv had about 15 Cuda so far nothing over 4lb so seeing these monsters with teeth like a dog my heart started ticking!! Jimbo swears by Cuda for shark bait which gave me the chance to load up the "proper" rods....... i clipped on one of the wake baits and a wire leader and stood ready for battle with these monsters of the deep! I kid you not everywhere you looked was unit sized Cuda until i clipped a lure on..... they certainly arent the savage beasts everyone makes them out to be! and after 20mins of firing out plugs i only managed a few follows! i cast to this awesome looking channel where we could see Cuda lined up in the tide and WHAM i get a hit! but hang on this isnt a Cuda.......
My first Houndfish on a wakebait plug
Talk about Garfish on steroids........ if we got these in the UK trust me you would want to be hooking these all day every day!! soon as its hooked it leaves the water on this "mini Marlin" run this stuff just cant fail to get your fishing juices flowing, if it doesnt then you need to consider golf or something!! it was getting Hot now so we headed back in for a pit stop and chill before the evening Poon chasing...... fishing doesnt get any better than this!
Carnage...... Heres a look at what these Cuda do to lures..... this Lucky Craft Sammy was fresh out the box on this morning! i took 19 cuda to 5-6lb and a small black Grouper all off the surface while wading the flats in front of the house i had trebels literally squashed and the lure completely destroyed by these Cuda and hand on heart had some of the best fun ever! once i had figured out what they really wanted to hammer it was like taking candy from a baby and the Cuda just loved to smash the shit out of these lures! what will always stick in my mind here was the whole peacefull atmosphere around me as i waded along a island with not another angler in sight and onlt the noise of birds in the LongKey reserve behind me, Turtles and rays swimming around me and warm water up to my waist. HEAVEN ON EARTH and ill never forget this day. On this evening Jimbo had some guys stayin near by who would be on the boat for my last few days, so it was time for me to crack on and hook some more Poonz and enjoy fishing these amazing waters...... it was just me my rod oh and the fishing buggy!!
On the second form last evening i managed to get out in the break of some bad weather where i could shore fish off the rocks with my trusty lure rod in hand! I managed to get the fish going cross eyed again for the IMA melty nymph where i jumped 4 Poonz all around the 20lb mark except one that beasted me id say around 40lb which literally kicked the Shit out of me there was nothing i could do.... that fish spooked the others for a bit! so i messed around trying for a snook behing the marina for half hour before giving the Poonz another go! when second cast i get smashed good and proper! with a massive hit i struck 4 times and braced myself..... i kid you not this fish ran off best part of a 100yards on the first run before leaping out of the water a good 6-7ft and then tanking off again sooooo fast my reel got HOT from the friction of me trying to calm it down..... my heart was skipping beats as i scrambled down the rocks in hope of landing this fish, i was shaking like a leaf and after 15-20mins of sheer madness and tug of war i managed to touch the fishes flank before yet again it decides to go ape shit right at my feet almost jumping into my arms!! two more 20-30yard runs and my arm is aching now so time to get a grip on life Danny Boy! one last ditch attempt and i get it to the Boga where i bear hugged the fish to get it under control. i lifted it out the water and sat it on the soft lounger where it behaved good as gold. i removed the jig and quickly weighed it at just over 24lb on the Boga..... BUZZING
The whole time iv been in the keys we have been baiting up the canal behind the house, we had Poopy fish, Mangrove snappers, HUGE Pinfish, jacks and Angelfish. but a target for me was the beautifully marked Parrot fish that swan around as if they were flying such a amazing sight, i had to catch one of them buggers!! the photo above doesnt do this Parrotfish any justice truly amazing colours the greens/blues and the hot pinks and WOW dont they scrap...... like our ballans but X4 all the way to the net!! we also stumbled across one or two weird and wonderful fish which made us question ummmmmm how and if we should actually pick this up!! including the awesome Pufferfish which i caught while getting bait for the Poonz but also this crazy character....
Some kind of Triggerfish which had teeth like some horror character in a film iv never been so unsure what to do with a fish than this creature.... it had skin like a shark and covered in lumps and bumps with a silly little trigger on its forehead! the eyes actually looked at us they were almost as big as a humans eyes very Unfish like indeed....... by this time my time here in florida was rapidly coming to an end and i started to feel the UK blues coming on a trick! talk about gutting knowing i was leaving here after two solid weeks on the water. Jimbo had more guys ready for there fishing trips and the final day saw us hiding for cover in epic thunder storms so my day of 100% fishing till i dropped didnt happen but it didnt matter as i had a complete ball here in the keys with my good friend and fishing Buddy Jim Odonnell where i was made to feel at home and enjoy the lifestyle and good company...... truly a mind blowing trip and will change my fishing for the rest of my days..... fishing here in cold damp UK seems a little less appealing ha ha ha ha ha. well tight lines and i hope you enjoyed the pictures and tails i know i certainly did! Thanks again to James i had a ball buddy :-)

Friday, 4 May 2012

Poooonz Baby.......

Been home a few days now and finally getting used to being back in this charming country!! Im still buzzing from my fishing trip to Long Key, florida!!! light tackle fishing doesnt get any better than this....... i headed out in april for just over two weeks of fishing madness. Me and Jim Odonnell headed out from Heathrow over to Miami, after a short drive in the keys shuttle we grabbed a beer and chilled in his garden in paradise!!
Literally within 10mins of being there i could already see numerous species of fish! all of which had my name all over them, from Mangrove Jacks to Poopy fish all of which i was told by Jim love to scrap like a bitch and will all happily nail all sorts of baits from jigs to live shrimp. after we sorted a few jobs the next day we could hopefully get some fishing in around lunch time by this point i was gagging to hit the water now! Jim took me to "tiki island" a breakwater in front of our docks with a little palmtree hut on with two lights either end for navigation. and at night these lights draw all sorts in including the Poons i had been waiting for!! we walked down to the most amazing noise of Tarpon busting left right and centre! i tied on my trusty Megabass Giant dog-x as the Poons happily chomped on shrimp off the surface! it was crazy, any warm blooded angler couldnt resist casting out to what was going on in front of my eyes!

I cast out over the lights my Dog-x with a nice slow retrieve and in the distance you could see these small Poons turning with interest and my heart started thumping..... and right under my feet i could see a fish swimming under the lights, i reeled in and cast a few feet in front of it and instantly the small poon turns and charges at my lure and whollop its on! by this point im buzzing and scrambled down the rocks to chin my first ever Tarpon out! it was big but i was soooooooooo chuffed, the thing tail walked all the way in from start to finish and completely nailed my Dog-x i unhooked it and returned it safe and sound to fight another day. i slept that evening one happy chappy indeed! The next day we had a small tackle shop trip planned and a quick breaky trip into Robbies to see the monster Poons somewhere iv always wanted to see!!

Nothing could prepare me for what i would do the next day!! after a quick stop in BassPro we headed off to Robbies where the water was full to the brim of monster Poonz..... there was a handful of fish around the 180lb mark all the fish there seemed to be 80-100lb pluss with only a few smaller fish, under the Poonz there was hundreds of chunky monster Jacks these fish are sooooo impressive and just scream tackle busters!! it was truly a awesome morning and ill never forget those huge Poonz jumping to grab the threadfins from our hands!

 When we finished here i was ready for action and set up the lure rods for some multi species fishing in the docks behind our base, loaded with live shrimp and cut baits we chummed the water to get the local fish to start chomping anything sinking through the water in there zone! fishing couldnt get any simpler...... braided mainline, tied to 15-20lb fluro and size 2-4 Gama circle hooks thats it! freelining the live shrimps really ticked all my boxes you could see the shrimps going mental when the Mangrove Snappers bolted out of the deep to smash the shrimp to pieces! talk about heart stopping fishing knowing you cant strike and to just hold on and wait for the fish to sppok and go mental and hang them selfs on the circles!

This fishing just brings a smile to my face!! simple yet a great giggle, if only UK fishing was like this ayy and not only was it super simple all the above fish fight like demons and rip drag off the reel and run into cover and snags! they all fight like fish 4-5 times bigger than what you land its mind blowing and infectious  fishing where you just want more more more!! i had a handful of times where my shrimp got smashed and the fish ran off so quickly and strong that i couldnt stop them! I was on a roll now and after talking with Jim i decided i would head back to Tiki island in the evening with my lure gear in search of some larger Poons which we could see shoaled up in the marina. I had a feeling things would start hotting up and braced myself for a action packed night!
first proper shore Poon in the low 20's

First decent Poon nailed from the shore, took over 15mins to land and was beasted in on a 30g travel rod and Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000. Hardest fight from the shore iv ever been in truly heart pounding fishing!!

mug shot........ check out the ruined Melty Nymph

IMA Melty Nymph on a 8g jig head was the that got the Poonz juices flowing!! i knew the fish were eating shrimp off the surface so i went through my box and found the Melty nymphs which just screamed shrimp! it wasnt long before i had Poons in the 20-30lb mark hammering up behind the lure and showing proper interest! i walked to the right hand light wacked out my lure clicked the bail over and cranked it in on a steady straight retrieve and smash!! im in...... after a explosive first run of 40odd yards the Poon jumped and landed i struck three times to make sure the hook is set and all hell broke out! 60yard run so quick i couldnt figure out where and when to move i clambered down the steps where after a arm aching fight i chinned the fish out and lay it on a soft sun lounger for photos. at just over 20lb i was shaking like a leaf and chuffed to bits! and on the very next cast i managed another fish of around the same size in the low 20's i was i nervous wreck by this point! both fish returned safely to swim another day!
we woke the very next morning raring for action and with the weather playing ball in our favour we decided the boat was going to get a outing Jim had some trout jigging and some bone fish lined up on the flats so we loaded up the rods for a action packed day! can fishing get any better than this...... tune in tomorrow for part.2 of my florida trip with Jim Odonnell on Longkey,