Friday, 16 July 2010

Blog id Deffo check out guys

Morning all. Heres a Blog iv viewed loads through Henry's praises over the last few months! this is deffo forward thinking Bassin and really shows how Lure fishing can be pushed and used to awesome effect! Keith has shown interest in my Blog for a while and we have chatted and decided to link the two blogs together, he will be having the odd article pushed on here and ill have the odd piece put up on his blog etc. Please check it out its updated as much as possible and will put the spark back into ya modern bassing, i look forward to crossing over some interesting articles this summer with Keith and the guys over in Jersey



  1. Thanks for the link m8.

    Your blog is like mine in so far as it is about 'real' fishing experiences. You can see through the stories and put yourself in them.

    Loving the dark night Piking stuff. I was a huge fan of lure fishing for freshwater fish when I lived in the UK. As a matchman, lure fishing was a huge diversion from sitting on rivers and canals with long pole and bloodworm. Ok, I never knew at the time that I was destined to fish both European and World Freshwater championships as I had no clue I'd be fishing for Bass or living in Jersey.

    Would I change it ?

    No. I love the Sea but....
    I miss the freshwater stuff. Your blog brings it back and, make all the links to what I'm doing now with saltwater lure fishing.

    Brilliant blog m8, well done and yes, we'll get some crossover articles going.

  2. Keith
    Thanks for the kind comments
    i agree too many sites are about BIG fish and its almost a fashion nowadays and thats not what i want, iv fished since a very young age and my blog shows the "adventures" i get myself and friends into! sometimes catching fish is just a bonus

    i pride my self on using the most awesome kit i can get my hands on and thanks to various guys i am able to enjoy my fishing sooooo much! your blog really shows that sea fishing with lures isnt just tinsel tossing for maks its a genuin method of nailing some amazing fish which most people think is only done by the "Pro's" but we both know that if your willing to step out the box the fishing world is there to be taken!

    very much look forward to crossing over stuff

    cheers again mate