Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Adrians Perch and my Chubbly

Perch Stronghold

Well this weekend me and Adrian Jacobs managed a long awaited trip out due to poor weather!!
Pretty much every venue we had in mind was either flooded of coloured up from rain in the week, so we decided to look for venues we knew would produce, i sujested we head to a Perch spot mention in a previous post! i had taken Adrian here before but no big Perch seemed to want to show on the last trip and Adrian asked me to put him on decent fish!! (kiss of death) so knowing the distance he had travelled to fish together i had to come up trumps!!
we got to the venue, conditions pretty much amazing just off clear water cloud cover settled winds ideal! we got to the venue with only a bunch of lads tucked up in the corner we had the whole place to play, i stuck on the trusty shad and Ady stuck a sonic on after a while casting to our hearts content with not much to show we headed around the bank to the far side of the venue, this is where i had a couple last session (Jules telling me there was a few Jacks in there!) i casted a shad out and all hell broke loose!! a massive splash and lunge from under my feet a decent enough pike grabs the lure ripping through the venue, there was a few people on there that day! the puddle pig danglers didnt look too pleased with me connected to a double figure pike tail walking accross there lovely swims ha ha ha! well this jack turned out to be 15lb 5oz not bad for a perch session!
anyway back to this weekends action we headed to the same spot and continued casting out our lures when Adrian shouts im in! his rod was making alsorts of shapes completely looped over almost knotting! this was no perch!! thinking he blagged that same Pike i had before but this just didnt seem to fight, it just cruised up and down the margin he couldnt get it off the bottom this fish was huge! after 5mins of panic and confusion the hook pulls....... we can only imagine it was a big fat puddle pig!
so i moved off around the corner and once again Ady shouts im in! this looked promising, i could see it was a perch by the time i got there he had landed her. 2lb 14oz of cracking perch!! Adrian was now a happy bunny!
we fished the other pond for a bit with nothing showing it had started off well but slowely got worse and worse! we decided on a change of venues but on more chuck in the big Perch spot! exactly the same swim and Adrian shouts again!!! this time we both could see a impressive perch had grabbed his twintail jig! this fish was gorgeous!! plus BIG 3lb 3oz spot on, and Adrians PB perch!! what a venue...... both me and Adrian having PB's from here!!
we headed up for a quick chuck in the canal not far away, where there are some locks full of massive perch! i was upset by the distinct action on my own rod and went strate to the best spot!! casting out a Savage-gear grub into the lock. all of a sudden i get smashed by a huge perch its going mental really pulling my string! i peered over the edge to see my prized perch was actually a rogue Chub!! i had no idea chub haunted this canal....... i was gutted it wasnt my PB perch but happy to land a decent surprise chub!!
see photos above of our day out

This Weekend

Right this is now going to be all current 2010 trips.....
We have all have shockingly bad weather since christmas and new year!! i for one had neary 7weeks of solid ice on my canals and even ice on the rivers.... so much for warm sunny Devon ha ha ha
so the last couple weeks have generally been the start of 2010 fishing for me and my fishing mates.......
this season is hopefully going to be full to the brim of exciting fishing from sea to the fresh water!
very much looking forward to feild testing some gear from the states for Nick Roberts
as said also going over to Ireland this summer to crack the Pollack on lures cannot wait to spend the week over there with Adrian Jacobs.


My goal for 09 was beat my Lure caught Perch PB!!
Perch arent a species iv done much fishing for over the years... and after years of catching thousands of perch using lures some perch even nailing my big 8-9inch Pike lures!! eyes bigger than there bellies!
i finally got myself around to sorting my ass out and actually targetting Perch, with Ok-ish results on local waters when at the start of 2009 Julian Chidgey from Korum gets in contact saying do i fancie hooking up and fishing some local venues as he now lives locally and we are both avid Pred anglers.
we met a couple times and had a chuck with lures, first trip being one of the night sessions which also opened his eyes a bit! we then managed a trip out to some local drains with pike in mind and both of us landing jacks to a couple of pound, i have one hit and cranked it strate in thinking it was another tiddler jack pike! it turned out to be a Perch just over a pound taking a 6inch Savage-gear cannibal shad! thinking it was a fluke jules took a quick photo and we carried on, Jules mentioning that this venue had recently produced allot of decent perch to local guys which got my mouth watering, this was just the push i needed to crack the perch for 09!
we moved spots and instantly hooked pike the sport was good considering the hot pure blue skys! then Jules borrows one on my shads as the pike seemed to like these lures (before he actually slings the lure up a tree!! ha ha ) and he gets a hit instantly! cranking it in as if he had a jack on again! but NO its a good perch weighing over 2lb i believe! this really got me thinking and Jules put me in the right direction for perch venues he knew about, that was it i had to catch my PB perch!!

within the next few weeks i headed out still with perch on my mind when i fished one of the local canals where i had seen perch to over 3lb before, i stuck on the cannibal shad and slings it under this bridge where i see this shape come up behind my lure!! it had to be a pike that big!!...... but no, it was a perch and right in front of my eyes i watched this perch well over 4lb nail my shad comlpetely swallowing the 5inch shad! i crapped my pants striking and it was on.... i comlpetely paniced in the gin clear water i could see everything! this perch charged off i was in!!! BUT i had the drag set for full on "Pike punish" mode on my baitcaster, the perch pulled off the hook and skattered taking his 4-5 mates with him!! i could of cried.....
the very next day i headed out to the venue where Jules told me to try with revenge on my mind!! this day just happened to be one of those red letter days where everything just fell into place, the weather was spot on the day wizzed past to that couple hours before dark i sat on the bank of this Perch Stronghold excited and nervous as the things i had been told pointed to this being a cracking first ever sessiuon on a venue!!
in two and a half hours i bagged up a impressive nearly 20 perch, 10 0f them over one and half pound! 6 of those 10 being over the 2lb mark!! i was gob smacked, it takes allot to make me speachless but WOW what a session!! the biggest perch weighing 2lb 15oz and my lure PB! Massive Thanks to Jules for putting me on the Fish......
photos to follow

Everyone knows Fish Sleep at Night!!

The lure of The Night

This season really opened my eyes up to the Lure fishing world! Big thanks to Adrian Jacobs and Martin Harding for completely turning my Lure fishing world upside down!!

on various trips early 2009 Martin had mentioned how ideal one of my local areas was spot on for Night lure fishing! and how right he was........

Both Martin and Adrian are from Dorset and often make the hour and a halfr trip down here to so we can all fish together and WOW what results 09 showed! Adrian himself has a impressive record of never catching a chub under 4lb at Night!! and both of them doing very well for Chub, Pike and especially Bass!

I have fished locally with surface lures for the last 12-15years throughout the warmer months with amazing results lots of fish to doubles and the odd 20 showing its head through the lillies! so we decided to try night Lure fishing on a few local venues rivers and still waters with instant action it was crazy iv never seen such aggression towards lures from both Pike and Chub! Chub wise my results didnt mirrow Adrians with plenty of chub to the magic 4lb mark but no monsters!! also a tiddler about 4-5oz !! But i seem to be able to contact pike everywhere i go! and on certain venues it was un-believable!! this was by far the most exciting Lure fishing iv ever done! its pitch black with only moon light to see where you casting, after a while i got to the point where me and Tezo's sight got used to only fishing at night! but it was still tricky! i cannot explain the feeling running through your body when you skipping a MossBoss or Jitter Bug accross the surface in moon light when you see this monstrous bow wave lunge up behind the lures and all hell break loose when a double figure pike nails the lure off the surface!! No slurps off the top like some day time surface action, all hugely aggressive takes it was heart stopping action!!

I kid you not the best fishing iv ever done with my lure rod in hand! nearly every trip out seeing at least a couple doubles on the bank and numerous 20+ pike landed to 24lb 7oz throughout summer 09! i will be keeping a seperate diary this year just for night luring, so watch this space!

Also getting involved in the action was Adrian and Martin with adrian getting Snapped off twice in two sessions by 20lb+ pike on there run!!...... i witnessed a fish a week later come to the net with Adrians Tiny Jitter Bug in its mouth well over 25lb!! Adrian also landing his PB night pike of over 15lb! considering this is a tiny venue full of weed and lillies with sunken trees its not for the faint hearted!

ill stick reporst up soon as the warmer weather returns!

2009 Highlight!!

Done it again!!!

Well as i said ill cover a few bits and Bobs from 2009, I have to start with what i consider my Best lure fishing moment yet! Me breaking my PB pike, those who follow LAS or may have seen in various mags i caught yet ANOTHER 30lb+ pike on the Lure last season!! in my annual april week Piking quest i ventured to one of my local venues where i caught on the second day my PB pike of 31lb 14oz, it was amazing! such a beast of a fish! this is my second 30 from this venue and a different fish to the previous 30lb 4oz pike. I caught it on one of my favorate lures which has caught me hundreds of good pike over the last season! the Savage-gear 4play! I was fishing with my fishing partner Tezo who helped me land the fish of a life time, once again Tezo was there to help out on a truelly amazing catch which i was lucky enough to land!!

Blog stuff

This Blog is going to cover all the basics from Tackle to Techniques, Ill post pictures of new and old gear explaining the pro's and con's of Modern Lure fishing!

There will also be reports added by my Fishing friends from accross the country covering all aspects of lures and lure fishing! Bass/Perch/Pike/Pollack/Chub will all be featured in this blog, kind of a Mini rod race for British Preds!!!

Ill also add parts of 2009 to this blog as allot happened last year which didnt make my old blog as i said a fair few PB's broken by myself and friends!! ill be working closely with various people in the UK lure world to hopefully make the UK market allot better, I will be putting some lures from accross the pond through there paces thanks to Nick Roberts from and we will be Getting our hands on some decent imported lures from the states and japan. please please do check out his sites to see what he is doing for the UK Lure market! Hat off to the guys for making the step towards Better newer gear, it can only be a Pluss for us here in the UK

Ill hopefully get back out with Henry Gilbey in 2010 as he is awesome to work with! As well as getting out and about with my usuall bunch from the L.A.S I am the Southwest Chapter organiser for L.A.S and will be sorting out a few meets for Guys based in the southwest.

Ill be also heading back up to Yorkshire to visit family and of coarse Fishing the amny canals and lakes, as well as a Holiday to Ireland with Adrain Jacobs Pollack bashing in the west coast!!

The 2010 Diary of Danny & Friends

Hello Guys

Im Danny Parkins, as some of you may know i have already created a blog but its been very out dated due to computer problems!!!

so this year Im going to create a weekly diary of my Lure fishing Adventures around the southwest and UK. I will be doing lots and lots of new and Exciting stuff lure fishing this year and have plenty of fish to settle scores with!! 2009 was possibly my best season ever!!! with numerous PB's broken, so hopwfully 2010 will be just as good!