Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Wicked un-planned session

Me and martin headed out late yesterday afternoon to a couple venues, with the tripple in mind! Chub, Perch and Pike. we started one a venue which Martin has never properly fished, with Chub and Perch on our minds i was completely single track minded to catch chub off the surface and managed to nail a awesome fish! i wizzed out a swampy onto a raft of streamer weed tucked up behind a weeping willow. i had about 5ft of water under the raft and as iv fished this venue since my school days i know full well where and when these chub will be! behind the raft is a tiny inlet stream coming into the main river, i flicked out the swampy and on the first cast i saw two Chub turn right in under the willow, i got the lure about half way between me and the raft and smash a chub of around 4lb nails the lure! i missed it, and after a few seconds on continual swearing and almost spooking every fish within a mile! i gathered myself together and tried again. anyone who has the lure bug knows how special chub on surface lures is and i simply cannot miss the chance to get them off the top. i cast over the raft into a 12inch channel of clear water before the raft and started to twitch it back and soon as it hit the raft SMASH this time i was on! i could see it was a decent fish as it went crazy under the raft! it headed strate to the willows roots under 8ft of raft and twigs but with some heavy side strain i pulled it away into the mid channel. she was quickly unhooked and returned safely as it was still roasting hot!
The buzz you get when it all comes together really makes it worth while, i saw some worm danglers down river and i bet they had no where near as much fun as us nailing this fish! lure fishing at its best and yet again surface lures fished correctly do the business every time! i then went away and managed to lose 3 other chub of simular size all to surface lures. Meantime Martin was pulling out Perch one after another, nothing huge but all great fun on light gear and on these tiny rivers theres soooo much fun to be had with the little Perch. Martin must of had 20+ perch to half a pound all to sonic spinners the light was starting to fall now and the chip shop was calling us before we tackled up with the Big Guns for our next venue! we tackled up with swampys and approached the venue it looked amazing the water was warm and the bait fish moved where ever you looked! it was shockingly bright with a massive moon beaming down on us, you didnt need a head lamp this wasnt good! as the Pike shy away from the surface lures when the light is beaming down like this, we fished for a good couple of hours with ony a handfull of hits, no fish landed! we hit my fav section where i knew there would be fish looking for baby moore hens etc and soon as i cast out i saw the massive bow wave smash my lure! this was a massive fish the whole venue rocked and the moore hens started making alsorts of noises! i called Martin over ready with the net. head lamps on and ready for action the hooks pulled...... judging by the flank i saw and the tail id say a good 15lb. in the next swim i cast out again and instantly got nailed by this nice fat scraper double
Not as big as i had first hoped, as it proper went mental on the first run and some impressive tail walking before weeding itself up! the moon started to fall now and it slowely got darker and darker! almost every swim now had chases or hits which made for some heart stopping fishing. but nothing prepared us for what was about to happen! i hear martin shout so i flick the headlamp on and leg it down the bank, Martin looks gutted! he then tells me of how he had a massive take under his feet which he hooked the stuck his head lamp on to see another mid 20 had nailed the swampy! this is literally a swim away from where i lost the 2o last week! it then ran 10-15ft of line before coming off! it gets better, he then cast over the top again and yet another hit but did not connect, we put of lights on again to scan the water and there it was !!!!!...... one of the big upper 20's litterally 20ft from the other big pike he just lost, this fish was huge! both myself Adrian and Tezo have all hooked huge pike from here and iv had a couple 30's from other venues this fish was well up there with them a true monster!! after a nervous 10mins tryin to connect with it she slowely swims off into the snags. we then decided to hit the lower sections still buzzing from what we just witnessed Martin was soon to hook up again! this time it was staying hooked! Terry was now with us and we landed the fish and got her weighed. 10lb 8oz yet another double which went like stink!
the pike really turned on to our lures now and the hits were thick and fast! Terry also Landing the best fish of the night at over 16lb, not sure of exact weight but it was 16 something a really nice fat fish! we were all tired now and decided to call it quites and headed back with smiles all round yet another cracking nite using surface lures. we managed the tripple and saw some amazing fish in the process. you cant ask for more than that! Bring on the next trip

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