Monday, 14 June 2010

Another quiet Night off the Top

Fished a Local spot again friday with Good friends Adrian and Martin. we set up with big grins accross our faces as the conditions were spot on once again, clear warm water good weed growth and bait fish looking VERY nervous!! could of done with more wind but not the end of the world. kid you not im standing next to Adrian talking about the conditions when we hear Martin shout he's actually had a big hit on his first cast! but to no avail, the pike didnt return for seconds on his Competition Frog (yellow and green) was this a sign of things to come? we walked down to a heavily reeded section where both me and Adrian have seen Big doubles and the odd twenty on previous ventures. i cast my large bullfrog swampy over to a patch of lillies tight to the bank and snags when i could see the reeds all move as something charged from the cover, a massive bow wave came up behind the lure but no take, the fish chased right to my feet where i could see the fish in front of the reed. i crouched down as to not spook the pike which id say was 11-12lb i cast agin to far bank in hopes of this fish nailing the lure when it came past again. but another bow wave from another direction came hurtling towards the swim! i could see another double! Martin confirmed what i was seeing by giigling like a child saying F*$@in hell Danny you have two doubles chasing this lure! i couldnt believe it the second fish being well over 11-12lb id say a 15lb+ you could almost see the look of confusion on the pikes faces after a paniccy 10mins of so trying different angles the pike came head to head and bolted off! mean time Adrian had a couple hits from what sounded a decent fish possibly another double! we decided after half hour or so of fishing the good section to head out of town to the sticks where no one fishes where we could tickle of a few on the way. knowing full well once dark fell we will head back down this way to all my sectret monster holes :-) we walked a good mile and a bit up the venue where all of us had continuall hits from smaller pike all the way up the strates with both me and Adrian landing Jacks to about 5-6lb all great fun off the surface! by this time the light was falling fast and we could no longer resist the temptation of the quality stretches we left behind, so we strolled back and geared up for Big surface action. after a quick drink and a packet of crisp we headed back up to the sections we first fished! it looked a totally different beast now! there is such a atmosphere on this venue when all the factors come together it just seems to get me in the zone where nothing can fail! its truelly 100% the soul of my lure fishing.

soon as we got to my swims Martin eyes up a decent swim, flicks out a moss boss and all of a sudden we hear this massive missed take the noise is heart stopping the water just comes to life! Martin is jumpin around like a idiot and flicks out again! this time he's in...... the drag screaming and rod looped over i run over with net at the ready head lights beaming it looked a double! she was safely unhooked and weighed 9lb 5oz and a cracking start to the night! both me and Adrian wanted some of this action, we headed down the sections with numerous decent fish nailing the surface lures hard and falling off mid fight, sometimes it just happens like that! we hooked 12-15 pike all on for some time but most throwing the hooks! i managed to land a nice fish of 8lb 2oz which really did fight like a demon! Adrian also managed another few fish around the 6lb mark all off the surface it really was a cracking night, with hardly any moon it reallt got dark after 11pm which slowed the fishing a bit, i managed another Pike of 7lb exactly then we decided to head back to the car. knowing full well none of us could of resisted a few flicks here and there on the way back up to the car. me and Martin both managed a few smashes on the way up but nothing landed! by this time i was half past 1 in the morning and Adrian has a hour and a half treck back to dorset. all in all another good nite but could of done with a few more fish but cant complain

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