Friday, 11 June 2010

Swampys in the Night

Heres a few pictures from a few sessions of surface fishing last year! this type of fishing is mental and is deffo where my heart is throughout the summer months! not only does it produce consistantly larger Fish but the action is heart stopping! nothing beats seeing a bow wave of a high double surging up behind ya lure and wrestling the pike from the weedy layers! i still remember the first time i introduced Tezo to this style of surface fishing a couple sessions ago and the massive smile accross his face painted a picture only a Lure angler will ever inderstand! i owe allot to my close fishing buddys Adrian and Martin for opening my eyes to such epic fishing dotted accross a few of the venues we all fish!

The picture above is of a fish that weighed nearly 16lb the usuall stamp for this style of fishing, id say as a rule fish from 9lb to around 14-15lb are the stamp of fish we are connecting with on ever session, with a noticable lack of small fish i believe this is due to the clear water enviroment the larger fish hide away untill certain times of day so not to be spotted by the swarms of prey fish. then one the light drops BINGO the bigger fish come out when there is less chance of being spotted, we fished sections where 25-30 jacks a session all around a pound 2lb would easily be done then fish the same section at dark and not see a fish under 10lb! it really is amazing what a difference times make in a session, we see alot of guys who apparently "know all" fish some of our local waters and will swear blind its not worth fishing due to weed and small pike. indeed my close mate Tezo struggled to believe me when i first told him about this style of surface fishing but the proof is in the pudding with numerous fish caught over the magic twenty pound mark and countless high doubles on most sessions! even the prized 30's came to play numerous times which really made ya heart stop dead as Adrian full well knows the feeling of hooking something that CANT be stopped!This is something im keeping a complete detailed diary on this season aswell as my blog so watch this space, hopefully getting Gemma varney onboard as well to get some more amazing photography as well as Henry Gilbey once his work slows a bit. i cannot wait to get out again, soon as this is posted im preppin my tackle ready for assult!

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