Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Weekend Perch Mega session!

Well this weekend saw me up at the crack of dawn chasing dreams!! after hearing of a decent perch coming out of a local canal recently which topped the scales at a whopping 4lb 4oz!!! iv had this horrid niggle in the back of my head telling me "Go on Danny, you know you can tickle Perch out! Goooo Onnn do it!" so i gave in and headed to some likely looking get aways where i knew Decent Perch hung around! armed with my usuall Perch lures 4" grubs 5" shads and a few MegaBass bits and bobs mostly Xlayers and Spindle Worms, and a few Sebile lures but in paticular the Brand spanking new Spintail shad which was kindly given to me by Nick at TopWater. now all i need is the right weather for the Job! well is pissed it down! i was soaked to the bone but with the heavy cloud cover and low mist it screamed Perch! well it didnt let me down after reading the water a bit i decided to hit a nice opening from a island and a bay lined with lillies and weeping willows, it just felt right! after 10mins or so with a 5" Cannibal shad from Savage i got nailed! just off the island in about 5ft of water typical heart stopping Perch head shakes i knew instantly that i hadnt nailed a small Jack!

sorry about the picture, i was on my own and it was humping it down with rain! i managed 5 fish in total, but the best bit was they were all 2lb+.... cracking day out and caught them all on either Cannibal shads or the Spintail shad! they really do hold a special place in my heart! its one of those fish you see in the streams and canals about a inch long and its a maggot killer but when the get over the 2lb mark they really are the Muts nuts! i shall give it a few days and head back with my brother to get some decent pictures. days like this really make the cold and rain worth while!

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