Thursday, 10 June 2010

Surface session

Well its that time of year again........ fishing yesterday with my fishing partner in crime Tezo armed with moss boss's and got ruined by numerous Big pike i think last count was 16 fish hooked and lost!! with one paticular stretch which produced a 18lb pike last week proving its weight in gold! within two swims myself and Terry hooked and lost 3 doulbes losing them at the bank under our feet just before netting!! it was gutting! conditions where as good as it gets, with cloud cover and super warm temps it was spot on apart from the water being like a sheet of glass, not a ripple in sight! anyone who does allot of topwater piking or even bassing will know dead calm conditions make things allot harder! id say most pike were lost due to the calm conditions as they seem to nail them sooooo much harder when there is more ripple. you can see them approaching the lure allot more causous when calm rather than the usuall bow wave and brutal attacks from last seasons antics!
the final nail in the coffin for me was the fact that Terry had a fish he reckoned to be 6-7lb snap at the back of his Swampy after 4-5 cast he had nothing, so he asked me to have a chuck. everyone who knows me will know i wouldnt turn that down ha ha i had 4-5 casts then this really gentle snap at the swampy and i agreed to it being a shy smaller fish due to the flat calm conditions. then Tezo came over seeing the small take, and i cast again but this time i wasnt prepared for what was going to happen! i cast to the car reeds and lillies and twitched the swampy back and all of a sudden in exactly the same spot smash! thinking id hooked the 6lber the rod looped over and went solid!!...... i could feel massive head shakes and the swim irrupted and up comes a Monster of a pike this 6lber turned into a fish well over 20lb!! it was over 3 1/2ft long 6-7inches accross just sat right on the surface shaking its head as pike always do, it turned and charged off with me attached, i had my 70g tournament rod and Shimano E7 cranked up for abuse and i could not stop it!.... after having to run 10-15 ft down the bank after this monster it threw the hooks in my face! i was gutted! could of cried, i was shaking with the rush of seeing this when i least expected it, and looked at terry who was jumping up and down like a child shouting about what just happened!! the first 2010 surface caught 20 escapes when i didnt even plan to hook a beast like that! all in all a horrid end to a amazing night, but as Tezo said we know where these fish are and WILL be back next week :-) lets hope things come to plan!! im out with the dorset distroyers friday chasing bigguns again with full camera gear in hope of a special nite on the water, lets hope for the wind! full report to come on sat

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