Saturday, 17 April 2010


Over the years iv used countless amounts of expensive flash new-tech lures and caught on all of them but recently iv been finding myself going back to basics.... when out Bassing last week i found myself once again getting overly excited at the prospects of Garfish!! i love catching Gar specially on light lure Gear. its not a species allot of people have caught so next time your near the coast give them a try. fish a spinner fairly fast just under the surface, wear ya polarised glasses because your see them before you catch one!
i decided to wack on a very simple yet advanced lure, the storm Flutter Stick

This is a Mini Jerk and can be fished very slowly walking the dog between 0-6ft with short twitches of the rod it just comes to life, i fished this for Gar as it was very lifelike in 12inches of water off the headland at Meadfoot once again didnt land a sodding Gar but had lots of chases! still need a bit more sun on the water then they will be out in force, they are one of my top targets for 2010. top tip for gar if your serious about it is buy a loaf of bread and a sardine or mak mash the bread in salt water and mash the fish into the sloppy bread flick this into the tide off the rocks and it will bring in the gar from all across the headland its a deadly trick and will work on just about any fish if you struggling!!


  1. Danny ,,got a flutter stick myself last week they look ok ,,nice looking site keep up the good work ,,


  2. iv used Flutters for a season in fresh water Graham and as i said a good simple effective design, not rocket science but always done me proud. think it will do the job for the Garfish this summer.