Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Couple hours out

Fished sunday with my fishing Buddy Tezo a couple miles of our local canal which is really coming to life at the mo as the water starts to warm up! fish already showing interest in surface lure which is fab in my eyes as this year i have some serious scores to settle!! we started off not far from my house slowely working our way out of town enjoying the mild overcast sunday afternoon! i decided to abuse some of the gear from http://www.basslures.co.uk/ which Nick sent over. i was armed with mostly Slug-gos and Fin-S fish shads as i just know they will do some serious damage this season, iv messed about with rigging them in different ways just to see what i can come up with! the one lure i wanted to abuse the most was the Sebile Magic swimmer softbait! this lure truely is wonderful in my eyes! i wrote about it in previous posts.

I left the house with my super smooth Shimano Conquest GT-ti 51 coupled with a tournament rod from Savage. this kit is spot on for general lure work in the UK and has help me land a fair few big fish in the last 12months! the Sebile Magic swimmer softbait was ideal for the just off clear water conditions with cloud cover it was superb! the action has to be seen to be belived, it would take a bit of getting used to if you havent fished texus styled lures with worm hooks before. the temptation to strike instantly is unreal and it just gets my juices flowing everytime i have to contain myself when i nice fish hits the lure! the key is to fish these lures in water where you can see what is happening! its amazing watching how a pike will nail a lure so hard that it will nearly rip the rod out your hands but then swim off with this softbait gently across its jaws..... you need to feel the strike and let the pike have the lure while you gently keep in contact enough to feel when the pike has taken the lure back. then wind down and STRIKE!!! amazing fishing which does take a while to figure out but once you have got the hang of it you will have no problems getting fish to the bank!

Heres Tezo with the biggest fish of the afternoon Just over 9lb and gave a good little scrap, it took the lure in 2-3inches of water it certainly was explosive action! the pike are coming thick and thin now and 2-3 doubles a session are now a regular lets just hope the surface action is anything like last season! ill be keeping a detailed account on the 2010 surface season on here so lets hope those twentys show the heads again!!

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