Friday, 16 April 2010

Back to work, but still Fishing

Had a really nice week off last week and was lucky enough to have some pretty Lush weather..... the week wasnt as productive as previous years but was lovely to just chill and get away from the normal everyday work hassle. between me and Tezo we fished numerous venues with no real monsters gracing us with there presence but still fishing is fishing! i ended the week with some spare of the moment bassing! my Brother and his sea fishing crew have been getting a fair few nice bass to bait on the south coast of devon so i made the plans to visit some of my summer secret marks in hope of some bass action!
The morning started off well and with after looking at Henry Gilbey's recent exploits i was ready for action, how anyone can sit there and thrown and say 'fishing is boring!' when you can get up in the morning and enjoy days and views like this!! im Lucky enough to live right in amoungst some of the prettiest parts of the country and absolute jewls for fishing in both fresh and saltwater.....

within the first hour or so i had two tiny schoolys on 5inch Slug-go's fished un-weighted just twitched through the rough ground! great fun, as low tide hit the weed started to rise and for me this is perfect bassing conditions bit of floating weed and broken rocks scattering the water line! at this actuall spot from the photo i could see fish rolling at the weed edge and at first glance thought it was some ok sized mullet but as i clambered along the rocks like some mountain goat i could see it was actually 2-3 nice sized bass!! my heart stopped and a whipped out my ace card the Lunker City Fin-s in 5inch also this is a deadly lure! i got a few follows which was amazing to see in the super clear water and a couple times i managed to get the bass to mouth the lures but they soon lost interest and dropped off into the depths. i then added a belly weight the the Texposer hook to get the lure down more but no such luck!

in the picture above you can see the belly weight sitting inside the lure, this is the ideal way to fish Slug-go's or Fin-S lures if you need to get them deeper! i fished 4-5 inch lures this day as its a nice size lure to flick around and matches the hatch of sooooooo many baitfish around at the mo! these lures have also worked very well for pike in fresh water, iv got Lunker City Fin-S's ranging from 4inch to the massive 9inchers which ill be abusing for wels Cats this summer! all the Lunker City Range is easily got hold of through Nick Roberts and his crew will sort you out with the right stuff. Nick gave me a massive load of Lunker City gear to test this Summer so ill post up on how it all goes as and when i get to use it!

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