Thursday, 8 April 2010

April Week Off

Well its midway through my April week off and done allot of lure fishing on various venues with all one thing in comman!! crap fishing!! this is the slowest year we'v had in a long time throughout this week! on previous years we'v pulled some right monsters out including two 30+ pike

but so far all we have had is Jacks..... Tezo managed to put a 9lber on the bank yesterday and apart from that yet another day of Jacks, on monday i turned a big double which spooked from seeing me i believe, i was gutted as it was id say around 15-16lb came strate to the bank and turned at my feet! hopefully things will get a bit better as the week roles out

Both me and Terry have been abusing our new rods from Savage-gear, we have been using the new Butch XLNT which have proved to be pretty much spot on.... loaded with Fugi gold label reel seats and Sic guides its as good as it gets for the price in my eyes

We have had them loaded with Shimano Baitcasters, as you can see the Shimano E7 and Core mg. both filled to the brim with power pro. the lures used about are two very rewarding lures which have done me proud over the last couple seasons. the Savage-gear 4play 25cm and the 21cm Butch. both these lure getting toothed up throughtout the week just a shame it hasnt been one of the local Monsters..... there has been a couple big pike caught this week by a local chap one weighing just over 26lb and one just a smidgen over the magic 30!! both fish caught on deadbaits though, well done to Pete

We couldnt have a Week off without finding myself drawn to a Pub at some point!! and its almost tradition on our weeks off to have a sly one or two while the fish are not biting so hard on our Lures! heres a quick snap of tezo and his beloved Holiday Pint at the Turf, it was manic down there being a easter bank hols etc.


  1. Is that the Turf Locks Hotel near Exeter I used to drink there years ago...