Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Making the most of it......

Well the weather is getting from Bad to Fudging shocking! and its proper shafted my fishing! with all still waters and a couple rivers being totally frozen solid and have been now for almost a month! with temps not leaving the minus's throughout the day! we even have over a foot of snow fallen over the weekend its making fishing out of my reach!
Soooooo i thought id go through a few Lures im currently putting through there paces, some new some old but all still catching "when" i manage to get to the water.....
Going to start with my Trusty Sebile Magic Swimmers in the Hard swimbaits and of coarse my Fav the Magic Swimmer Soft. Both these lures ranging in size from the 62sk standard swimmer and 100mm soft, to the 228ssk beast standard swimmer and the impressive 200mm soft swimmer! coming in a serious amount of colours from the garrish blues and greens like Peacock(NI2) and Chartreuse Holo(M5) to the really awesome naturals like Rainbow Trout(NRT) above, to the likes of BlueGill and White Perch (NBG-NK2)These lures have actioned to be seen to be believed! iv used the Soft swimmers 130mm allot recently for its totally natural appearence and swimming action its Soft Weight System is the key here! you can alter the actions decents by adjusting the Soft tunsten weights forwards of into the lure depending on your style, also being weedless its the lure to use in and around the heavy cover. The standard Swimmer is the King of swimbaits with throughwire construction, to full Owner hookage (st-46 on larger sizes and St-36 for all else) these lures cover it all, the pike on one of my local venues go completely crosseyed for them and they provoke such mental attacks! the three models FSK, SK and SSK cover all situations! truly one of my Fav lures.

This time of year i like to fish lures nice and Slow close to the structures or bottom this is where Softbaits come into there own, there are literally thousands and thousands of Companys making alsorts of good baits out there today, from Japanese super brands to the western greats such as Savage Gear etc. But one of my favorite Brands that make some blinding lures Hard and Soft MegaBass....... those of you who follow salt water lure sites like http://www.henry-gilbey.com/ and other sites and forums will know this brand well! with the likes of the Zonk's and Xpods holding up the Hardbaits and the likes of these two beauties, the SpindleWorm and Xlayer's :-) now iv used both to amazing effect in salt water here and over in Ireland for Pollack, Wrasse and Bass but these stunners also kick the competition in the nuts with there Innovative designs and lure styles, The Xlayer being the Lure above they come in 3-4 different sizes in endless hand poured colours these lures either fished on jigs or weedless on offset worm style hooks really do offer endless styles to fish for Perch, Chub, Zander and of coarse Pike! the Xlayers are truly a legend in there own with tons of fish appeal with the Ribs and crease causing vibrations also a neat little tail rattle it really does the business! i fish mine on a light jig with anice sized hook fished really aggresive making the lure almost walk the dog under the surface! a true slash bait! The spindle worm really coming into its own for winter Perch! you can rig on a jig and slowely crawl this lure tight to the bottom, the tail naturally paddles away the perch just love them! Spindle worms do have there own problems though! due to them being made with Vios they WILL react with all over baits, and literally melt the lot! these need keeping together in there neat little packet apart from that hold on tight!

These lures above are from the Massively popular Delelande range, the white lure being the impressive GT-shads and the lure below the Buster shad. these lures again are ideally suited for perch and pike! with the GT-shads coming in various sizes right up to 8inch in a massive range of colours they are a very dence lure with a quick sink rate, the rubber is very tough and good with toothy critters like Pike and Zeds as you can see i rig mine with owner stingers which i make up in varied lengths to suit differnt situations. the Buster shad is one of my favorite shads with the articulated tail section and holes through the wrist of the tail giving this shad a mental action! it wriggles soooo much it almost feels like a plug on the line SERIOUS again comes in a numerous amounts of sizes to 6inches in a wicked amount of colours. shads can be fished on sooo many ways its best left to the fisherman to figure out but these to work very well! all of the above lures were sent to me by http://www.basslures.co.uk/ Nick and the gang over there will sort you out with all ya pred needs why not check them out.

Also dont forget the newest "in the know" forum packed with goodies from guys right across the board some come on join in! www.jerseybassguides.com/rockfishing

Hopefully be out fishing soon as the ice and snow fudges off, have a good christmas and new years guys



  1. Just an observation Danny.
    But if those jig heads were made with the eye, the other way around. So that the very end of the wire faces away from the hook point, rather than facing the hook point, those stingers would probably sit nicely directly on the jig heads eye...

  2. do you mean the jig eye pointing down rather then up on the same side as the hook? i have all my stingers made seperately so i can chop and change depending on fish species or venue