Sunday, 12 December 2010

Couple hours out

Brrrrrrrr its fudging cold!! Managed a few hours on a local river this weekend, with hopes of Pike and possible perch and Chub. we fished some known stretches that are stuffed with Pike etc with stunning slow deep bends, over hanging trees rafts of weed behing sunken snags it just screams fish! i had a hit from a Pike of around 2lb almost instantly but the little bugger wouldnt take again! soon after a Tiny Perch ruched up behind the Shad talk about eyes bigger than its belly! Martin had on the trusty Sonic spinner but managed to wang it strate into some snags deep into a slow corner losing the first lure of the session! things started to slow, the water was freezing cold conditions looked amazing over cast skys great colour to the water it just wasnt happening! we found some lovely looking swims tight to trees on our bank that when Martin manages to whip a small Jack out from the tree roots, the way it stayed deep made me think he had nailed a decent perch!
Martin caught his Pike on a trust twin tail on a Gama jig deadly on the right conditions! i soon whipped out the proper gear, sticking to the Sebile soft magic swimmer 130 in BlueGill the colours and action of this lure are amazing and one of my all time favorite lure since i was given them by Nick at TopWater over a year ago! but as hard as i tried skipping this lure under bushes and trees into all the likely holes nothing! it was really trying my skills to find the fish that are normally crawling these swims! it just wasnt happening! we fished a section a good 3miles long with only one follow to show for it! the water was soooooo cold the jacks we caught were shockinly cold and i reckon these fish are all holding up in the deeper water untill temps change! still it was good to get out shame we coudnt fish one of the local canals due to ice but next time fingers crossed!!

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