Sunday, 5 December 2010


Alrite Guys, managed a day out finally! Me Jimbo O'donnell from and Fatboy (shaun) headed out on this very cold -7 friday morning! a quick pit-stop in Mak d's then off to the tackle shop to pick up the day tickets, i wont go into the conversation that happened in the tackle shop! good job we all knew each other because we would of prob been arrested :-) ha ha ha i blame Jimbo myself! a quick 15mins drive and we were at the venue of choice, one of the pike rivers i fish fairly aften it looked awesome! still with snow covering most of the fields and the water looking very dark and moody Perfect pike fishing conditions!

While Jimbo and Shaun fished Deadbaits i of coarse stuck with various soft plastics, starting out with 5 and 6inch Cannible shads fishing them tight to the bottom following the contours hoping for a big Pike or chub to nail them behind the snags. while Jimbo pitched up a little trap of Lamprey and sprats in the pools behinds submerged trees and features. after half hour of fishing i managed to get a few chases but they just wouldnt nail the bait, i reckon the brilliant blue skys and awfull temp's just pushed the fish down! Jimbo was the first to connect with a fish as the float bobbed away and sailed up stream against the flow and then charged off back down stream, Jimbo cranks down hard and strikes the 10ft fox aqaus twig stalker looped over with massive head shakes and huge boils on the surface of 8-9ft water this fish was giving its best to not come out of the swim, i clambered down the slippery frozen banks and the fish spat the hooks!!! Gutted after a swear word or two the baits soon got wacked strate back out.

Those of you who follow the blog or know about Sebile lures will know iv been Testing the gear in our waters for over a year now and really enjoying being involved with the brand, i just love the style and innovation Sebile brings to the table! i pride myself in the up and coming techniques and pushing the lure fishing boundries so i spent most the day fanny assing around with the Softbait Magic Swimmers with all the different ways they can be fished! this photo shows my "secret" jig Mod with stinger hook. i wanted to come up with a method of rigging the lure as if it was on a Jighead but without the hook sticking from the top of the lure to keep that (almost) snaggless presentation and Hell yes i cracked it this time! ill post a "tech talk" in the week where ill go through what mods iv made to create this rigging style.

While Using various lures from Sebile etc i only managed to get 3 hits to the lures which was soooooo pissing me off as the conditions were spot on not even Fatboy and Jimbo had sniffs on there baits which was frustrating to say the least! but as usuall the day was full of Banter and humour its nice sometimes to just get out and enjoy Fishing for the love of just being out with friends trying to look like we all know what we are doing :-) we ended the day with a blank but hay ho great fun all the same. Adrian text while we were out he managed to fish in Dorset ill wack the report up tonight!


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