Sunday, 2 May 2010

When its on its REALLY on!

Well Me Adrian and Martin headed out to some middle of no where rock mark in south devon yesterday afternoon! iv been aware of this venue for a fair few years but never got around to fishing it! it was stunning the water was so clear it was like another country! the water was a gorgeous blue and you could clearly see the sand and reefs hugging the shoreline. with Bass and Pollack in mind we armed our tackle boxes with 3-5inch soft baits and small nordic spoons. with Kaolin grubs and the nordic spoons working the best! once we scrambled down the very wild headland me and Martin found a nice little rock ledge to start on and i kid you not Martin hooks up on the very first cast! things certainly seemed different from previous trips where the cold seas have slowed the sport a bit! Martin lands the first fish of the day a small Pollack aout a pound and a half. Now Martin knows his stuff when it comes to salt water lure fishing far more than i do and fluke or no fluke he then nailed 2 more Pollack in a row!! three casts three Pollack.....
Me and Adrian certainly wanted some of this action! i had a few slams but couldnt connect! Adrian moved to the left of us where the tide was ripping across the rocks a ideal holding spots for Preds, i fished a 8gm Gama Jig with a 3 1/2 inch MegaBass Hazedong in pearl white and smash i got nailed by a fish about a pound again! but it dropped off as i lifted it from the water!! Martin was still nailing Pollack almost one after another! so Adrian clambered over to us to join in the fun! Both Adrian and Martin armed with 3inch Kaolin grubs in the limited Dale Winton coulour but me and Adrian still struggled! Martin shouts "iv got a decent fish" the BassPro rod was bent double! the Pollack was nearly 3lb id say when all of a sudden a massive seal bolts up behind the fish and grabs it!! steaming 60-70ft of braid off Martins reel then breaking him off! Gutting stuff but this happens all the time in deepest darkest devon :-)
After a while the soft plastics stopped working and we stuck on the Nordic spoons with instant action! i found a little gully where i boosted my fish count from 4 Pollack to about a pound and a half to 19 fish with a couple over 2lb! great sport on our light 6ft6 casting rods! Pollack certainly do fight!! shame soooo many anglers fish with pool que beach rods for these fish because they really do scrap! Role on Ireland in july!! i also caught the biggest Launce iv ever seen!! this sand eel was a good foot long, in thought it was a Garfish at first untill i got it in! mental stuff..... i lost count after 36 Pollack, with just as many lost! this really was dream light spinning! darkness fell and we thought the way things had gone throughout the day that darkness would be mental as Pollack really switch on in Darkness! but the tide died on us and we only had a handfull after dark with Adrian getting a Pollack well over 2lb. Martings Headlight then died on us also so we decided to call it quits awesome fun and cannot wait to do it again!!

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