Tuesday, 4 May 2010


As mentioned in a few earlier posts the surfice fishing is starting to kick off down here in Devon, with weed and lilly beds sprouting up everywhere the fishing is really heating up! theres sooooooo many surface lures out on the market at the mo its hard to choose between the thousands of "catch all" lures out there! iv been throwing one of these puppies around over the bank hols and they dont dissapoint!! iv had the smaller version of the Sebile Splasher for a fair few months now, the tiny Splasher is ideal for smaller fresh water fish and will murder the local chub here soon as the rivers open up again! but this 12cm version is the full monty! armed to the teeth with Owner hooks, and is fully wired for tropical sea's abuse!!

Check out the size of the cupped mouth of this Popper!! once again prime example of Patrick Sebiles forward thinking! this lure is built to last! iv destroyed allot of lures over the years and theres nothing better than seeing tough lures hammered bike pike! these baits are available in 4 sizes from 7cm's to 18cm and all available from Nick at www.basslures.co.uk you really do need to get ya self a few for this summer!! your going to want some serious gear to blast these lures out and give them the proper action! they move like no other poppers, due to the keel weight these puppies will pop and walk the dog all the way in! making it a two in one surface lure built for monsters! as i said another top lure from Sebile

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