Sunday, 9 May 2010

A few hours out before the BIG week!

Fished a local venue on friday with Martin Harding, we headed to a section that just doesnt get bothered by anglers as its miles from anywhere! gin clear water stuffed to the brim of weed and lillies and billions of Rudd and Roach! Martin stuck to his usuall Ultra light gear i was using a 40gm wand. i pretty much decided to put some water time on some of my Sebile products which Nick had sent over, mainly trying to abuse the Magic swimmers hard and soft baits. i started off with the 75mm Sebile Magic swimmer in a slow sink model in electric blue and silver. it looked amazing in the water the added feather on the tail really makes these already unreal swimbaits look even better! this lure got the attention strate away from jacks in most swims having follows and a few hits, first impressions were spot on! we came to a old cattle bridge where i hear Martin shout, i walk over to see a fish 12-15lb sat there watching his Rapala Husky jerk suspending mid water. Martin said the pike just blasted out after the lure from the reeds to the left of the bridge. but it was obvious it had seen Martin by the way it just froze! after a few chucks Martin gave up so i clipped on the Sebile Magic swimmer softbait in BlueGill colour and wacked it out to the bridge. it got half way across and smash a small jack 2lb or so grabbed the lure right in front of the Double figure pike still sitting there! i do admit to letting the jack wallow about for a bit in hopes the Biggie came and nailed it :-) once i get the jack in i realised that the little sod had ripped my brand new BlueGill swimmer in half!!!! one cast, one fish!! i was gutted!
iv been using these softbaits for a couple months now and they have all done 10plus fish before having to retire them! this BlueGill was my favorate colour as well :-( well we headed further up the canal where it was looking even more fishy! i had yet another Jack about 4lb on the Sebile magic swimmer softbait in Brown trout. put the fish back and cast out and had another fish over 15 follow the lure it really was a mental afternoon you can fish these stretches sometimes and not see a fish over 2lb and we'v seen to good doubles in a hundred yards! Martin whipped out a few small perch all nailing his 5cm Rapala husky jerk, no big ones all under a pound but good fun all the same! the colour of these perch was amazing deep greens and reds just what they should always look like!
i just love perch fishing, growing up on the Grand western canal iv caught perch since i was 3years old! if only they grew 10-15lb!!! we carried on fishing for a couple hours with simular results perch and jacks nothing over 5lb but great fun and just really good to get out! once again i was overly pleased with the Sebile gear, as always all top lures fitted with owner hooks and fool proof actions!! a amazing brand from across the seas and a real pleasure to use and abuse!! all Sebile gear is avialable from Nick at check it out!!! well this week iv got a week off in search of the mighty Wels Catfish!!!! we have a whole lake booked just for us! ill be trying my hardest to land my first Lure caught Wels Cat and i literally cannot wait!!


  1. super stuff danny,,love the magic swimmer cut in half!!!!!
    nice keep up the good work and will be down soon,,
    check out the trout in about

  2. was Gutted when the first cast with my fav colour was ripped clean in half!! Bbut thats fishing for ya. where abouts are you from David? are you a Basser or Fresh water like myself

    p.s lovely sea trout, we have a venue here in south devon which throws up some big sea trout to lures!!