Monday, 1 March 2010

The WOW factor.....

Now being a crazy lure angler i have my fair share of lures stashed away!! some are manky chewed up softbaits, some are fancie sparkly Rapala's etc but i own a few lures that are just beautifull to look at and it almost seems a shame to let pike ruin them........

every now and then you see a lure that just blows you mind!! Nick Roberts from Top Water Lures sent me one of the smaller Lucky Craft Real Bait Premium's in "Amago Female" colour!!!!......

This Photo really doesnt do this Lure any Justice.... it is by far the most Stunning Hand made lure iv seen! its different to the likes of USA's Musky snax lures, dont get me wrong they are fine BUT this Lucky Craft Lure from Japan is mind blowing...... every single detail is shockinly spot on, the eyes look real its even got muolded teeth! the paint job is stunning and it really is a work of art!! the box it comes in says it all! this is as good as it gets in my eyes, shame i cant read any of it as its all in Japanese ha ha. Nick if your reading this please please feel free to send me more ha and if you know of anything that beats the quality of this i truelly wanna get my hands on it!

it weighs 36gm and is the usual swimbait style lure with a amazing action that is amazing, this model is a floater and with a few cranks and jerk of the rod tip its down a few feet and brimming with life! Lucky Craft also make Real Californias which are the bigger brother to this lure, very simular to the Spro BBZ's but 100 times better qaulity concerning paints and style. even coming in a velour presentation case! both lures can be purchased from have a brouse see what you think


  1. Hi Danny, great new blog site - excellent articles and pics. Dont know how you find the time!! Nice looking lure, very realistic.
    Am off to try my new baitcasting rod n reel (first time I have used one) soon. Will let u know how I get on

  2. yes mate keep on with it, gotta meet up for a session soon