Sunday, 28 March 2010

Next Generation Softbaits....

Over the last couple months iv been doing some field testing for Nick Roberts at and there has been one lure that has really caught my eye! as soon as i saw the Sebile Magic Swimmer Softbait i was in love..... this innovative soft lure is the very next Generation in lures and is proof of thinking out of the box!

I know in the crazy lure world there is soooo much to get confused about but take this from me, this lure is a real trend shaker!! its based on the swimbait style of lures in paticular the name sake Sebile Magig swimmer, which is a hard plastic swimbait made for serious abuse! iv used soft plastics for years to great effect but this lure really Ups the game! they come three in a pack in two sizes 5 and 6inch they come with one heavy duty worm offset hook and 6 ballast weights (the compound rings you can see on the shank in the photo above! these can be added or removed to suite your style of fishing. leaving the weights in the middle as shown in my picture this allows a nice easy sink rate, falling horizontally through the water. if you push the weights forward to the kink in the offset hook it creates a tighter wiggle and will fall nose first, ideal for a feeding bait fish presentation! push the weights back into the lure to the bend in the hook and you create a very irractic style great for when fish are wanting panic baits... check out Patrick Sebiles Youtube Videos on this product

This view really shows the good sections which make this lure soooo different! this is going to be a firm favorate for me this season! ill keep everyone posted on these fantastic lures on this blog, deffo one to watch!! you can get these from Nick at in a good range of colours, to suit fresh and saltwater needs.

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