Monday, 1 March 2010

Perch Lures

Above is the MegaBass Zonk77 what i mentioned in the last Perch trip post. this is one of the ever growing "new school" lures from the East (japan) MegaBass are at the top of the food chain concerning top quailty lure fishing kit! all of which is very popular with the bass anglers in the USA and growing here in the UK. This lure is spot on for Uk lure fishing for chub/perch/pike as its a ideal bait size and has some awesome features which make it a cut above most of the simular style stickbaits.

note the hinged diving vane, which creates a cracking aggressive swimming action, no dout this will produce me some cracking fish this season...... it also has moulded cut outs on the back to give it even more disturbance and vibration, something iv rarely seen on lures apart from the "old school" Ryobi mugger from yester year, made famous by John Wilson

Above is the MegaBass Xslayer, which i used over the weekend rigged on a 6gm owner jig. It has a wicked action when fished in and around cover!! you can really walk this lure to where the fish and holding! i noticed the way it sits on the bottom with its tail pointing strate up letting you bottom bounce without snagging every twig or weed in sight! notice the moulded ribs which create extra vibration and also a rattle chamber just above my thumb in the piccy! this lure has already proven its weight in gold with the bass Lads here in the Uk and Ireland and soon as the weather warms up ill use allot more of this type of lure. it can be rigged on a jig or fished on Texposers or dropshot so who knows what it will produce this year!!

both the above lures are from Nick at Top water lures and can be purchased from

Here is one of the all time classics..... and with out fail a TOP pred lure!! iv used Rapala for 20 odd years!! and Shad Raps have always caught me some amazing fish, from the legendary Super Shad rap through to these 5cm shad raps. These 5cm models are the bomb for perch and chub and one simular to this is what i used on a recent canal trip, it was in a BlueGill colour and the perch seemed to love it! its got the classic Rapala swimming action and dives to 4ft perfect for canals. this model is factory standard but as you can see in the piccys from the last session we Mod our lures Ady and Mart both use Storm lead spots to make these lure neutural in the water so they can suspend not just pop up to the surface!! in one of my previous photos you will see Marts Rapala Risto Rap with its mods in place, they really do kake such a differnce to the amount of fish on the bank!!
attention to detail is where its at....... these things make a BIG difference

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