Monday, 1 March 2010

Road Trip...

Well after a mental week at work opening a new section in Exeter Screwfix fishing kind of took a back bench.....

but finally managed to head out on friday!

i went out for a Curry thurs night with my Brother when the phone went off, Martin Harding has txt me asking if i was upto much over weekend after chatting we decided to push the boat out and make the long drive up the M5 and M4 to a venue where Both Ady and Martin had done extremely well for Perch!! i have heard both of them talk about this canal allot over the last 18months and was looking forward to adding yet another venue under my belt! the thoughts of a UK canal where the pike isnt the top pred makes my juices flow!! Perch are on my hitlist untill next month where ill be back onto monster pike (hopefully)

We managed to find some amazing looking water it all looked too good to be true!! it certainly looked cracking

there was a shockinly strong wind, which made casting light lures a bit more tricky!! we saw plenty of small perch to half a pound mailing our lures!! i had a box full of lures given to me by Nick at Top Water lures which im field testing for him i was using A lure from MegaBass called a Zonk77 ideal for smaller pike and BIG perch and the seemed to like it with 4-5 small perch nailing it instantly!!

Me and Marting were armed to the teeth with the usuall dinky Rapalas and jigs etc we knew we would produce well!!

it started off fairly slow with lots of tiddlers and one 2lb Jack pike to me when we decided enough was enough!! that dreaded "one last cast" ended up being 12-15 casts and Mart shouts "im in!!" i turn to see him playing a nice perch about one and three quarter pounds but it had a few friends following him!! i could see a few well over 2lb!! i cast out the MegaBass Zonk77 and it was smashed instantly by a fat 2lber...... both of us had massive smiles mow as it was all falling into place!!

While Martin was wrestling this nice fat perch a decided to dip into my field test box and there was a nice Megabass Xslayer soft plastic looking at me in purl white, ideal for Perch!! these lures are spot on for UK fishing and i know my Buddy Henry Gilbey has used Xslayers with great success!! check his website for in depth write ups on MegaBass Xslayers i rigged my Xslayer on a 6gm owner jig head with triangular offset which just hooks anything within a hundred yards ha ha ha it ballanced out really well! perfect action BUT could only get tiddlers to want to know it!! watch this space on Xslayers i know a venue that will have 3lb Perch jumping on the bank for them!!

we ended the Day with 10 Perch over a pound and a half, and 5 of them 2lb and over. with tons of tiddler perch chucked in!! i also landed two pike, sodding things cant get away from them!! ha

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