Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Perch Stronghold

Well this weekend me and Adrian Jacobs managed a long awaited trip out due to poor weather!!
Pretty much every venue we had in mind was either flooded of coloured up from rain in the week, so we decided to look for venues we knew would produce, i sujested we head to a Perch spot mention in a previous post! i had taken Adrian here before but no big Perch seemed to want to show on the last trip and Adrian asked me to put him on decent fish!! (kiss of death) so knowing the distance he had travelled to fish together i had to come up trumps!!
we got to the venue, conditions pretty much amazing just off clear water cloud cover settled winds ideal! we got to the venue with only a bunch of lads tucked up in the corner we had the whole place to play, i stuck on the trusty shad and Ady stuck a sonic on after a while casting to our hearts content with not much to show we headed around the bank to the far side of the venue, this is where i had a couple last session (Jules telling me there was a few Jacks in there!) i casted a shad out and all hell broke loose!! a massive splash and lunge from under my feet a decent enough pike grabs the lure ripping through the venue, there was a few people on there that day! the puddle pig danglers didnt look too pleased with me connected to a double figure pike tail walking accross there lovely swims ha ha ha! well this jack turned out to be 15lb 5oz not bad for a perch session!
anyway back to this weekends action we headed to the same spot and continued casting out our lures when Adrian shouts im in! his rod was making alsorts of shapes completely looped over almost knotting! this was no perch!! thinking he blagged that same Pike i had before but this just didnt seem to fight, it just cruised up and down the margin he couldnt get it off the bottom this fish was huge! after 5mins of panic and confusion the hook pulls....... we can only imagine it was a big fat puddle pig!
so i moved off around the corner and once again Ady shouts im in! this looked promising, i could see it was a perch by the time i got there he had landed her. 2lb 14oz of cracking perch!! Adrian was now a happy bunny!
we fished the other pond for a bit with nothing showing it had started off well but slowely got worse and worse! we decided on a change of venues but on more chuck in the big Perch spot! exactly the same swim and Adrian shouts again!!! this time we both could see a impressive perch had grabbed his twintail jig! this fish was gorgeous!! plus BIG 3lb 3oz spot on, and Adrians PB perch!! what a venue...... both me and Adrian having PB's from here!!
we headed up for a quick chuck in the canal not far away, where there are some locks full of massive perch! i was upset by the distinct action on my own rod and went strate to the best spot!! casting out a Savage-gear grub into the lock. all of a sudden i get smashed by a huge perch its going mental really pulling my string! i peered over the edge to see my prized perch was actually a rogue Chub!! i had no idea chub haunted this canal....... i was gutted it wasnt my PB perch but happy to land a decent surprise chub!!
see photos above of our day out

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