Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Blog stuff

This Blog is going to cover all the basics from Tackle to Techniques, Ill post pictures of new and old gear explaining the pro's and con's of Modern Lure fishing!

There will also be reports added by my Fishing friends from accross the country covering all aspects of lures and lure fishing! Bass/Perch/Pike/Pollack/Chub will all be featured in this blog, kind of a Mini rod race for British Preds!!!

Ill also add parts of 2009 to this blog as allot happened last year which didnt make my old blog as i said a fair few PB's broken by myself and friends!! ill be working closely with various people in the UK lure world to hopefully make the UK market allot better, I will be putting some lures from accross the pond through there paces thanks to Nick Roberts from and we will be Getting our hands on some decent imported lures from the states and japan. please please do check out his sites to see what he is doing for the UK Lure market! Hat off to the guys for making the step towards Better newer gear, it can only be a Pluss for us here in the UK

Ill hopefully get back out with Henry Gilbey in 2010 as he is awesome to work with! As well as getting out and about with my usuall bunch from the L.A.S I am the Southwest Chapter organiser for L.A.S and will be sorting out a few meets for Guys based in the southwest.

Ill be also heading back up to Yorkshire to visit family and of coarse Fishing the amny canals and lakes, as well as a Holiday to Ireland with Adrain Jacobs Pollack bashing in the west coast!!

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