Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Everyone knows Fish Sleep at Night!!

The lure of The Night

This season really opened my eyes up to the Lure fishing world! Big thanks to Adrian Jacobs and Martin Harding for completely turning my Lure fishing world upside down!!

on various trips early 2009 Martin had mentioned how ideal one of my local areas was spot on for Night lure fishing! and how right he was........

Both Martin and Adrian are from Dorset and often make the hour and a halfr trip down here to so we can all fish together and WOW what results 09 showed! Adrian himself has a impressive record of never catching a chub under 4lb at Night!! and both of them doing very well for Chub, Pike and especially Bass!

I have fished locally with surface lures for the last 12-15years throughout the warmer months with amazing results lots of fish to doubles and the odd 20 showing its head through the lillies! so we decided to try night Lure fishing on a few local venues rivers and still waters with instant action it was crazy iv never seen such aggression towards lures from both Pike and Chub! Chub wise my results didnt mirrow Adrians with plenty of chub to the magic 4lb mark but no monsters!! also a tiddler about 4-5oz !! But i seem to be able to contact pike everywhere i go! and on certain venues it was un-believable!! this was by far the most exciting Lure fishing iv ever done! its pitch black with only moon light to see where you casting, after a while i got to the point where me and Tezo's sight got used to only fishing at night! but it was still tricky! i cannot explain the feeling running through your body when you skipping a MossBoss or Jitter Bug accross the surface in moon light when you see this monstrous bow wave lunge up behind the lures and all hell break loose when a double figure pike nails the lure off the surface!! No slurps off the top like some day time surface action, all hugely aggressive takes it was heart stopping action!!

I kid you not the best fishing iv ever done with my lure rod in hand! nearly every trip out seeing at least a couple doubles on the bank and numerous 20+ pike landed to 24lb 7oz throughout summer 09! i will be keeping a seperate diary this year just for night luring, so watch this space!

Also getting involved in the action was Adrian and Martin with adrian getting Snapped off twice in two sessions by 20lb+ pike on there run!!...... i witnessed a fish a week later come to the net with Adrians Tiny Jitter Bug in its mouth well over 25lb!! Adrian also landing his PB night pike of over 15lb! considering this is a tiny venue full of weed and lillies with sunken trees its not for the faint hearted!

ill stick reporst up soon as the warmer weather returns!

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