Wednesday, 10 February 2010

2009 Highlight!!

Done it again!!!

Well as i said ill cover a few bits and Bobs from 2009, I have to start with what i consider my Best lure fishing moment yet! Me breaking my PB pike, those who follow LAS or may have seen in various mags i caught yet ANOTHER 30lb+ pike on the Lure last season!! in my annual april week Piking quest i ventured to one of my local venues where i caught on the second day my PB pike of 31lb 14oz, it was amazing! such a beast of a fish! this is my second 30 from this venue and a different fish to the previous 30lb 4oz pike. I caught it on one of my favorate lures which has caught me hundreds of good pike over the last season! the Savage-gear 4play! I was fishing with my fishing partner Tezo who helped me land the fish of a life time, once again Tezo was there to help out on a truelly amazing catch which i was lucky enough to land!!

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