Sunday, 28 April 2013

Roll on Summer!!!!!

Been a while since iv been on here! work and weather trying there very best to keep me off the water! Hope everyone has been out and hopefully getting stuck into fish!!?? For me im currently having a all time low in angling due to conditions and a bit of laziness on my behalf (only so many jacks and perch you can catch before its mind numbing!) living next to a well stocked canal full of Pike and Perch means I can literally walk out my front door and catch!
Although I managed to get out and Guide on behalf of good friend of mine Jim Odonnell he had some clients down and after a week of blanking they needed some Danny time to put some fish on the rods!
I met the guys in the morning at our local tackle shop with a action plan knowing full well they have had a tough week of blanks, I needed to put these two onto the fish as it was cold and tough going! Both Richard and Ryan had tried LRF and a bit of wrassing while in Cornwall earlier in the week but the weather gods had other ideas it had snowed rained and sleeted pretty much all week, but that doesn't mean the end of the sport I had a few ideas up my sleeve! Me and Ryan walked over to the river bank and set up with a small vibe bait I took him to a slipway where I knew fish held up and it wasn't long!
Actually on his first cast Ryan nails this nice feisty Rainbow Trout and the smile on Ryans face says it all! wasn't long before Richard was gagging to get into the sport, again armed with vibe baits we were getting follows and hit on most casts you can always rely on trout these super aggressive fish are great sport for the youngsters to get into, as long as the club and local bylaws are bared in mind most towns have trout near by. Armed with there Tronix Light Game rods and light braids what can be more fun!!
What happened next was just awesome!!! Ryan cast out his small mepps spinner and shouts out he has caught the bottom, I looked up to see a flash of silver and then this beauty tare off up stream! he's only gone and nailed a fresh Salmon!! fishing with light gear -10g LRF tactics it just doesn't get any better than this!!! both me and Richard his farther couldn't of been more proud! After a good scrap and some help landing we got in this beauty. chuffed to bits and I had one very proud anglers with me that day. What a way to beat off a week of blanks and horrendous weather (20mins before this it was snowing!!) Days like this hook a young angler for life and im just glad I could be part of this story.

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