Sunday, 28 April 2013

2013 Wrassing!

After some changes in my angling over the last 12months iv decided re-kit out my gear to fine tune my Wrassing no more ties so iv been able to go and use exactly what I want to use and after some thinking iv gone for two outfits...... so here ill go through outfit no.1 the lighter of the two. Im not going to bore you with mindless tackle pushing and name dropping this is just going to be a brief low-down on my 2013 gear.
Everyone who knows me will vouch for my love of all things Shimano!! Iv had and got most of them from the Stradic and Stradic CI4 to the high end Stella XG. In my eyes this company make the best of the best and iv used Shimano from a young age as soon as I could afford them! Heres my current reel the Shimano Sustain FG, loaded up with 22lb PowerPro braid no need for fancie prancie braids when Wrassing its all about having super tough line and PowerPro has excelled for years and years. Apart from waterproof drags and sexy styling the powerful handle and good grip are spot on for my needs.
Rod wise over the last three seasons iv stuck with the Sakura Mazzera 742ml and hand on heart that rod is the best all round rod iv ever owned!!!! I still have it its not going anywhere but it was time for me to change up and after a long time checking out other brands and seeing what my friends use day in day out I went for the power house and pedigree chum of softplastics rods the Tenyru Injection. This model being the new for 2013 the SP78ml, a beautiful rod 7'8" casting to 17g kitted with the super sleek and mint fugi Kseries eyes. I cant wait to put the hurt down on this outfit in the next few weeks so rest assure ill put up a more in depth review as and when :-)


  1. this is really an important part of fishing. the gear must be smooth and good. i usually go for Fishing In Dubai and now i will definitely have an eye on this gear thing.

  2. That reel would look sweet on my Megabass I think ;)
    I have to admit Shimano do make a pukka reel, service from Felindre is renown too.