Friday, 1 March 2013

Recent times out fishing

Been a while since iv been on here with work and the weather taking its toll on my angling world! but living next to the awesome Grand Western Canal means I can get the odd cheeky session in but nothing I really want to blog about. Iv had a few good sessions and some bum ones but hay that's life and all that jazz, Me and Rich and Matt managed to hit the local canal with a few pike to settle the scores nothing massive but still great to be out! I kind of wanted to hit the Perch again but only managed a few follows and knocks. we ended the session down in the marina and used a variation of the Drop shot rig to put some fish on the bank, Pike under the pontoons and boats are cracking fun fighting them in these tight little swims!
Only a few weekends ago I managed to get out and feed my addiction to Rock Pigs and got out on my 2013 first rock hopping session! Now these Ballans literally drive me mad and the shocking latter part of 2012 and early '13 was a killer for my favourite type of lure fishing so soon as conditions allowed me and Andy Green hit south Devon on my usual marks looking for some early season Wrassing! it wasn't long before the bites came in and was a pleasant surprise to see the water looking mint after so many people saying it wasn't worth the trip, I struggled with a bit of eager striking issues and missed farrrrr too many bites but I can blame it on the excitement of being back on the rocks. we fished 3 main marks all providing those heart stopping bites but it wasn't to we hit my fav mark where the fish played ball. I nailed two small Ballans in a deep gulley off the headland and couldn't of been happier!!!!!
Its a start to hopefully a good season! we are due some fine weather and im hoping we can get out as much as possible this season. Iv made a complete change of my gear this year and looking forward to abusing it like I only know how!!! keep your eyes peeled for some wrassing in the next few weeks :-)


  1. Cracking blog Danny! I am in North Devon and looking to get into some pike fishing. Currently hooked on Bass and crab cruncher's. But need something to tied me over until the weather warms . Any advice on tackling the Tiverton Canal for the novice?

  2. My best slow water pike lure is Mepps Lusox size 2/3 gold and silver. I hit 4 pikes between 4-15lb last week for less than two hours. £1.79 form decathlon. Slow retrieves during the next month and a bit faster during the summer.