Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Recent Adventures

Sorry been quiet on here the last couple weeks we have had yet more mixed weather and not near as many trips out as id like!! anyway not being one to miss out Me and my friends have squeezed in a few trips here and there including the Art Of Fishing Wrasse comp....... I believe 17 people signed in from Devon and Cornwall for the comp as well as a few further afield! Me Karl and Jim fished our usual stomping grounds with over 45 fish landed between us to almost 50cm
Karlos manages to smash the chunky 3lb Pollack on the texas rigged wrassing gear which was always a bonus! we all caught a fair few wrasse but no biggies with my biggest being around 2lb 7oz loads and loads of tiddlers around the 1.5lb mark but all good fun!! Both Karl and Jim managed some awesome sport with Karl getting busted off in the "famous gulley" that we have all been beaten up in! I managed to sneak out a 
bonus fish too which was awesome and after a weird fight i knew something was up!
Again a nice change while fishing a Poor Boys bait texas tight to the bottom, theres always been lots of bass here and between us we saw a few shoals of Bass swimming in and around the gulleys on this venue no real biggys but still nice to see!! The end of the day soon crept up and we headed back to the Art Of Fishing for the final weigh in where we managed to take two of the top 5 spaces!! cant complain with that ayy! Last weekend me Jimbo and Henry managed a pleasure session and we planned to fish a few different fairly local marks and we got off to a good start with me nailing a few Pollack and a chunky ballan on the OSP Dolive sticks while Henry and Jimbo continued to winkle out Wrasse to the right of me. 
We ended the session on some of the ground me and Karl have been fishing where i nailed all the beasts a few weeks back and Me Jim Henry and the dogs Maisey and Storm scrambled down the ledges and instantly started getting wrasse to about scraper 4lb but mostly around the 2.5-3lb mark. After a few hours down here we headed back up the cliffs where Henry headed back home me and Jim stayed on and planned our next trip! We headed Bassing that night but with no action although we were greeted with some of the most stunning sunset skys iv seen in a very long time!
Me and my friend Jules a Fox consultant for the general coarse side of the brand managed to also get out and with a few ideas of getting him his first ever Bass and his first ever lure caught Wrasse i took this challenge seriously!! on the first session we both managed Bass to just over 2lb Jules was over the moon and with a confident head on my shoulders i now had to but him onto Mr Wrasse, with the weather being awful again with SW winds whipping up a big swell and chop i had only one spot worth looking at and it wasnt long before we both got into Wrasse 
The light wasnt playing ball and we only managed about two hours out and we completed our mission! we both left for a well earned Mac D's and a horrid drive home in mist and rain! I get a real buzz from helping other anglers even experienced fisherman like Jules where all he needed was help in these grounds that our out of his comfort zone all in all a cracking few weeks! lets hope the weather plays ball as autumn is well and truly here! im out again soon so keep your eyes peeled!


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