Friday, 14 December 2012

What a crap end to the year.......

Hello guys sorry been so quiet but after the worst seasons fishing due to the horrendous weather this year my fishing pretty much grounded to a halt! :-( with the worst flooding iv ever seen the Southwest around Exeter was pretty much shut down with waist height water in most towns the rivers pretty much spilled there guts all over the fields of mid Devon! Recently Iv managed a couple sessions in the Fresh water (something iv totally neglected in the last 2 seasons) it was really refreshing to get back to my roots and fish for pike and Perch.
First session was on the absolute ball ache of a venue Exeter Canal
Above is a true classic and one of my Fav's the good old school Replicant, on this session I only managed one hit and that was on a Replicant in the Perch pattern on the drop across on the far bank, I lifted into it and felt a good head shake and it was on for a few seconds and came off! we fished the rest of the day without even one chase! the water was mint with cracking clarity but with pure blue skys it wasnt all that hopeful! I will be back to the Shipping Canal over christmas when we have some cloud cover and hopefully a better 
report on the days sport!

I spent two hours on my local canal literally behind house! I hooked up on the very first cast using a Savage Gear Da Bush spinnerbait, the tiny jack of about a pound flung itself off the lure as i was surfing it in, I had another few casts in the same swim and fish No.1 turns up this small jack above again taken on the Da Bush lure, this section of canal was looking great with roach topping and the odd swirl there was obviously allot of pred action kincking off! and i had a fish of over 5lb follow literally to my feet before charging off! this type of urban fishing it really ticks my boxes, guess growing up on this canal catching literally thousands of pike itll always be close to my heart!
Heres another tiddler from the last few casts and even though they are only small it was awesome to get out, very much looking forward to hitting it again this weekend, thinking of going further out of town to the gin clear waters where we fish in the summer with surface lures a friend of mine fished it the weekend just gone and had them to 10lb, i know where they are just need to shift this horrid cold i have and upset some decent pike! and if im lucky the odd bonus Perch chucked into the mix! Anyway heres a quick update and ill keep on top of the blog as much as possible through the winter with all my fresh water campaigns so watch this space!!
cheers Danny


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