Thursday, 23 August 2012

Evil Wrasse Cult custom DFR

At the weekend i was lucky enough to bring home my custom made Dorset Fishing Rods wrassin stick...... Richard the owner of DFR has once again proved that this guy makes the finest customs in the UK by far! my Evil Wrasse Cult rod is packed with features that are totally unique to my rod from all the blingy Matagi customs parts, the Tiger Wrap whipping in the handle section (very rare and stunning) to the work put in to make the butt section as unique as possible.
Its built on a Japanese T-Russell blank, and is a two piece with the split being above the front grip giving the majority of the blank a solid non interrupted action from the join to the tip eye rather than a joint half way which can be a weak when we are power cranking big Crab Crunchers from there holes in the rocks. the blank is whipped in black apart from one small DFR logo on the first eye. speaking of eyes this rod is loaded with a full set of Pac Bay SV low mass single legged eyes which are super light and create sweet sweet music when the braid is stripping off the drag when fighting a fish! its truly a awesome looking rod designed with rock fishing throughout its styling and functionality.
Yesterday i managed to get out on the rocks and found some boulder fields and reef that just screamed big wrasse and after some faffing and scrambling the rocks on all fours to get down onto the ledges. The water was still a little tinged from the beastly winds we seem to not get away from this summer but it was clear enough to see the bottom on most of the reefs i wanted to fish. i could clearly see the boulder fields and where the barnical covered rocks and the dark patches of kelp and weed. This venue is allot shallower than some of my wrassing grounds further down the devon coast and from previous experience i knew i was going to be in for a hard fighting tough day
This wrasse was the first fish landed and christened my DFR nicely coming in at 4lb 2oz and was very greatfull to land it as the fish before this which i nailed over the boulders literally destroyed me and after a good 20ft first run into the rough snagged me and i lost it! This fish above ran some good braid off my Stella but i managed to get its head up early and turn it only feet from the danger! The very next cast i nailed a nice chunky 3lber on the Hawg senko in black with blue glitter, they were literally nailing the lures as soon as the texas hit the bottom it was exciting fishing! I was then well and truly spanked and felt under gunned as i hooked a wrasse at range which bolted off in the direction of France and snagged me up in the reef, I managed to get the fish out when it then slack lined me and turned and ran off again! hand on spool and i still couldnt stop it, i could feel it running through rocks and then it cut me off :-( 
I ended the session with 7 wrasse to 4lb 2oz which all bent my new rod well and the fact i hit some larger fish and the rod behaved like a dream was awesome! Its getting to that time of year when the Units start showing again, so im keeping my ear to the ground with the bait boys to see when the monsters are showing up! I have a good feeling about this season coming up to christmas that we should see some monsters and that beast 7lber shows its face....... iv got some pretty hence fishing coming up soon and will use the DFR on all of it so will hopefully come back with even more positive feedback. untill then tight lines 


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  4. the rod looks seriously fine - look forward to your blog posts with its expolits in 2013 - keep up the good work and dont forget us new boys in the world of lure fishing. Thanks for your efforts