Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Recent Trips

Had a good few sessions recently, not the easiest time of year for harassing pike due to the random weather conditions and the fact they are just about to spawn making them a bit scatty and have there minds on other things...... but still i managed a few sessions around this weekend and was great to get out with good mates on a good venue.
On friday i headed out with the Portland penitrator, Mart really opened a can of whoop ass on me on this session i guess a kind of payback from the last time when we fished and i nailed a high twenty and a gorgeous 2lb perch and he blanked :-) he actually was 9-0 up on me before i even got a hit! i was tryin out some new SavageGear products and i was getting plenty of chases in fact the first 5mins i had a 20plus'r charge up behind one of the Savage "Da Bush" spinnerbaits i crapped my pants as there was lots of glare in the water i didnt see the beast until it was too late..... she sat there staring at me before slowely turning and swimming back off in to depths!
I must say i was super impressed with the samples Mads at savage sent over, these spinnerbaits are very well made! ball bearing swivels soldered joints, decent sized hooks (some american spinnerbaits designed for bass come with smaller hooks) awesome flash foil and rubber skirts with a hard coated jig head! Mads sent over various sizes and colours and the all look the muts nuts, sure winners this year im sure! i have lots lined up for these lures throughout the year its amazing how many styles you can fish spinnerbaits!
I finally managed to put a fish on the bank...... Yes its not as big as some of the perch i normally stick up on here but was chuffed to actually catch while martin was turfing out Jacks one after another! this little bugger was nailed on a Rapala Xrap shad in yellow perch one or my fav clear water lures it hangs in the water soooo well you can literally see the pike and perch going cross eyed when the see it! but as i said earlier the pike are deffo prespawning and there was loads of decent pike swimming up and down the swims but they just werent interested! very frustrating fishing i tell ya! but with a week or so rest they should be back on form! bring on the surface fishing i say! :-)
Yesterday Me and Adrian headed back out to show these pike who was the boss! we started off in our usual hot spots but this was a waste of time with the water being tapwater clear we had a few casts but called it a day there! we headed back to some sections where i have fished hundreds of times over the years Adrian had never fished it so was good to get to a venue where it was pretty fresh and unfished! Adrian stuck with his trusty yellow BassPro twin tail on a owner jig head and was steadily nailing the odd pike on the drop off the far bank in the deep section! fishing with his Tenryu Injection and Shimano Stella a perfectly ballanced bit of kit it looked a real pleasure to use! i had my usual Tourniment rod and Shimano Curado e7 which was chucking out the lures perfectly! i was once again back on the SavageGear Da Bush spinner baits and this time the magic happened!
we fished the session with 4 pike each, still struggling with the freezing easterly winds and lack of cover but awesome to get out again, going to give this venue a break for a week or so see if the fish calm down after the spawn as i know exactly how to catch them once they have spawned! and will wack a good report up soon as things spice up a bit! watch this space! anyway always good to get out with good friends and see some decnt fish showing, roll on the summer surface action i say!

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