Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sneak Peak

Heres a quick post from last weekends session i had with Nick and Lewis from Hart Flyshop. Nick will be putting up a full blog report on his blog over the weekend so check it out on my links section. we headed out to a new venue i found the other week with both fly and lure gear, we had all the bases covered from Lewis's tiny 3weight tickling stick to the 8 and 10weight pike fly kits and of coarse my trusty lure gear! Lewis was the first to turbo tickle out a handfull of tiny chub from under a bridge which was stuffed to the brim with chub and perch. he could literally put his fly where ever he wanted and on nearly every cast he nailed a small chub! i fished the next swim up and and managed to get a couple small perch chase and nip the small shads and grubs i was fishing with, it was 10-15mins before i managed to whip out a small Jack on a Delilande GT shad, a short spirited fight and i had landed the little monster i looked over my shoulders to see Nick beside me craftely shooting his black pike fly under the trees hoping for a decent pike and Lewis still tickling out small chub on the other side of us It wasnt long before Lewis was twitching for pike as i was manging to catch 3 more jacks from right under his nose, He wacks on his pike fly gear and instantly nails a small scrappy jack in the swim up form me about 2-3lb it was awesome seeing things take shape nicely! Nick was icthing to nail a pike now after our fairly poor most recent sessions together, the sport was hotting up its always wicked to be on a new venue and nailing fish one after another! we fished for another hour and the sport started to slow so we decided to head back to the sections that we started at. i managed yet again a few more scrappy jacks to about 6lb on white shads from either Delilande or the Savagegear Cannibals it was crazy fun these pike really did hang on! Nick had found a nice swim where he saw a nice Perch nail some fry and he had a chase from a fairly decent pike (low double) me and Lewis decided to cross the bridge and fish a section where we could see literally tons of bait fish rolling it wasnt long before i was in again! i started fishing these swims with a 3inch Savage cannibal shad in glow yellow with one thing in mind! big Perch..... i knew they were here because peering over the bridge i could see them shoaling up the small fry and saw 3 or four Perch well over 2lb. literally a couple casts later and bang! i knew exactly what iv got on here :-) the usuall jag jag head shake of a fairly nice perch of a pound and a half Love it when Perch nail lures really well! this Savage cannibal shad dint stand a chance, i dropped another nice perch about the same size two casts later as we were almost netting it! while taking these pictures my phone rang twice it was nick the other side of the bridge, he had managed to nail a decent pike around 8lb on the fly the pike were deffo coming on again now for the mid afternoon feed there was shoals busting the surface where pike were nailing fry off the top it was awesome to see! by tis time Nick had made it to our side, grinning from ear to ear it was a great atmosphere with all these fish nailing the lures and flys..... i Nailed this nice plump 8lber from the same swim as Nick was fishing and he was getting hit on the far bank! Between me and Nick we managed to nail a impressive 10 more pike from these next couple swims, poor old Lewis wasnt getting a sniff :-) Nick was his usuall piss taking self and the banter was well and truly flowing its always a laugh when we all get out and hit the banks of the local canals and rivers...... i can only imagine what this place is going to be like when we get back on here when the rivers re-open in june! bring on the surface lures and weedless stuff its literally going to kick off here! the two biggest pike one to Nick and one to me both just over 9lb were taken no more than 20ft from each other! they were kicking off when hooked fighting well above there weight when they first got hooked you would think we had hooked mid doubles they steamed off down stream cracking fun on the light gear! Nicks 10weight was looped right over awesome sport! cant wait to see the pictures from Nicks camera, and the proper blog report! one of the highlights of the day was seeing Lewis nail his first ever pike on the Lure..... i set up a spinning rod coupled with a 4.5inch delilande shad and Lewis was away! literally on his second cast he brings the shad up the shallows from the deep ledges and Bang this small Jack nails the lure right under the surface! it was awesome seeing this jack smash the shad in a split second! the smile on Lews face siad it all, i get a proper buzz seeing friends achieve these little goals its what fishing is all about, having fun with ya friends... no massive pike but like iv said before i couldnt care less i just love nailing fish on lures with good company.

Nick shouts out from across the feild as he's just been followed by another decent fish of low doubles so me and Lew head over with our gear! it wasnt long before Nick nails a fish of 9lb again on the fly from a lush pool where two rivers met. it had all the charactoristics you would look for deep water close in dropped flow just awesome fishing conditions! the last two fish cam from this bay making the grand total of 28 pike caught between the 3 of us..... i had 13 pike to 9lb and Nick had 12 pike to 9lb also with Lewis nailing the last 3 brilliant day! the full blog report and all photos from my camera and nicks will be up by next week.... like i said i cant wait to hit here again when the rivers open again! truly awesome fun and a real red letter day! Ill post up when Nick has written his parts think it'll make a good write up!


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