Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sakura Goodys

Those of you who follow the blog know or have seen me use various Sakura products from soft plastics to the Alpax reel. All of them performing amazing in all conditions from fresh water to the wild Beara, southwest Ireland! taking a leaf out of the lighter side of angling especially the fly fishing from Nick etc iv taken a shining to the "fishing vest" style bags and rucksacks which have been used allot in there industry. i used to use a Shimano fishing vest it followed me everywhere in my early fishing adventures!
I spoke with my mate Nick Roberts over at Top Water Lures and asked to try out the Sakura Koa Bag this is a tidy little unit which has tons of space due to the two chest pouches with three pockets attached to the main chest pouch. These are large enough to stuff full of packets of softbaits or smaller Plano style lure boxes, they also have a nifty little panel of dense foam for sticking lures in the pouch without them tangling as you can hang the trebles in the foam, i love this feature as i always have pockets full of shads etc. the back pack side of the lure easily holds a medium sized lure case and also has a front pouch ideal for drikns and snacks :-) coupled with the endless adjustability and lanyards for snips etc what a great little package!

What with all the new and exciting adventures i have planned throughout 2011 including various magazine stuff with Jimbo etc Nick from Topwater asked would i like to crack on and try some of Sakura's rods one being there Dawgs Nuts light to medium spinning rod the impressive Sakura Mazzera 742ML..... WOW what a bit of kit! super slim super fast coming complete with Fugi reel seat and Fugi SiC guides throughout. This 7ft 4 spinning rod is everything you could want from general fresh or salt water rod with soft plastics and medium sized lures. Im out Perch fishing tomorrow and hopefully will get a few decent bends in it! its beautifully styled and fits in the hand like a dream, its everything you could possibly want for a rod priced at the £200 mark. obviously time will tell with rods but first impressions are awesome! bring on the Pike,Perch,Chub,Bass and Pollack of 2011. ill wack a proper review of this rod in a few months once iv abused it a bit! I also had the nice surprise with a load of base ball caps from the companys i test and fish with so ill be looking super "pro" while using there gear this season :-) all the above gear and tons more are all available from Nick and the guys at check it out


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