Friday, 4 February 2011

Brilliant Morning Session

Headed out with Fly Guide/instructor and all round Fly master Nick Hart yesterday for a session out and about. we jumped in the truck and headed off to a nice small river in search of Pike Perch and my mate the Chub! we parked up in the middle of no where again armed to the teeth with lure gear Nick using a tourniment outfit and Sakura Aplax and i used my Tourniment rod and Shimano CalaisDC filled with braid ready to smash some nice solid sport in this gorgeous spring day. I rigged us both up with Sebile Soft Magic Swimmers knowing this venue has lots of nooks and crannys to throw a lure and the Swimmers fish so well being weedless!

as you can see above they are mental perfect for brilliant natural presentation of Roach/Dace/Gudgeon with a wiggle that has to be seen to be believed! you can get these from Nick and crew at give them a shout and there sort you out with all you need! i had action strate away with a nice chub smashing the lure under the rod tip in the bowells of the river covered in snags and over hanging trees, but that excitement was nothing to what i was about to see! I got Nick to chuck his Swimmer along this deep slow run away from the main current when in the distance could see a good double figure fish chasing the lure down stream with a passion thinking decent pike to start off but no it was a double figure Salmon! couldnt believe my Fudging eyes...... after it chased 3-4 times it soon lost interest and we calmed down (like a bunch of hyper school boys)
We tried hard to stick some coarse fish on the bank, i finally managed to hunt down the Perch with a decent fish of around 2lb hitting my Magic Swimmer it was in a gorgeous 3-4ft deep swim tucked up behind a fallen tree on a narrow section, the tree created a pool behing it which screamed Pike/Perch i was smashed on the second cast and then again i called Nick over as he wanted to see the action taking place in the clear water! i swapped to a small japenese jig and Kalin pepper pearl grub and instantly saw movement there was a few BIG Perch tucked up out of sight and just as Mummy Perch was about to nail me Mr Chub comes in and smashes me right up with a aggressive take! but hang on Nick shouts Browny!! i infact had nailed my PB lures caught browny it wanst a Chub at all! see first piccy. Chuffed to bits.....
we hit a fairly quiet stage, mid day and river was running fast so plan was to deffo put Nick onto Pike at some point! i took him to my "break glass incase of an emergancy" swim where i knew we would hit the pike! and Nick certainly pulled a few! i gave him a change of lure the Savage Gear Cannibal shad in orange and instantly got a reaction! with 2 hits and chases right to his feet (both of which he balls'd up) :-) anglers and danglers hay ha ha ha sorry Nick your a legend really. with two pike in quick sucsession (fluke) he was in the smile on both our faces say it all, not big fish but its awsome to see progress. i managed a good hit from a larger pike which ruined a brand new shad! we headed further downstream to the "swamps" a spot on the river where it splits into countless mini streams but all full of pools and FISH i managed to get a chase from a decent Pike well into doubles it literally swam right up to us, laughed in our faces and swam off i wasnt best pleased soooooo frustrating! we decided enough was enough, a great day out with good company funny thing being the Fly game guy nails all the coarse fish! and me being a dab hand at Pike/Perch i nail all the game fish.... fishing so unpredictable i just love it! please check out Nicks site in my usefull links page for write ups and other info from the fly world, well worth a read!


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