Thursday, 9 September 2010

Off to Ireland AGAIN!!

Well im having a rather Poo time at the mo what with recent Job issues and money rapidly running out..... so its amazing that iv been offered another trip to Ireland!! this time we are heading to the west coast rather than the wild wild southwest Beara. iv never visited this part before and have seen it many times through good friend Henry and his TV shows on sky.
Just check out the views of this place...... writing this makes me just wanna get out fishing!! Ireland has soooo much to offer even if you are a worm dangler but for me its the epic light lure fishing for Crazy Pollack, Coalfish, Bass and the odd surprise! fingers crossed for the weather as its pretty dam wild out there but thats the beauty of being lucky enough to visit these places through my fishing! i am a luck Bugger. Im over there for 2 weeks this time and i simply cannot wait!! going to be using some new gear from the guys at Topwater so ill be doing some product reviews on here so keep ya eyes peeled! lets hope we can connect with some more wierd and wonderful species like the John Dory from the last trip

Ill post up more info on venues where we will visit when i know more, off out fishing tonight for Pike on the surface lures. will post up if we have a good session


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