Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New toys for Ireland!!

Off to Ireland on sat and finally rumaged through the gear im taking..... along with two Savagear Road Runner travel rods and my trusty Shimano's ill be packing the fab Sakura Alpax which i have on long term test and is the reel that taimed the Beara Pollack on my last Ireland trip i have been sent a rather nice package from Nick at TopWater. I am now armed to the teeth with lots of slimey new MegaBass soft baits such as Xlayers, Spindle worms and the rather stinky Hazedong's. but the lures iv been waiting for are the new 100mm Sebile soft swimmers! if you have followed my Blog i was lucky enough to get my hands on the first swimmers in the country months before they went on sale through these were the standard 130's which i wrote about on here. they truly are wicked lures and really do the Sebile magic swimmer brand justice!
Heres a picture of a selection of Sebile magic swimmers ranging from the (hush hush) not even released Swimmer 82SSK snagless, soft swimmers 105 and 130 and the standard Magic swimmer 110FS all these lures have proven time and time again that all pred fish just love them from Perch to the double figure pike in fresh water and the Pollack and Bass in the sea fish just love them! Sebile really do have the playing field sorted from floaters to fast sink! they even got the swimmers in the Salt & Sun series which are specially designed for the most bad ass toothed fish that swim in the sea or fresh water! Another Sebile product that i am lucky enough to have my mits on are the Sebile hollow stick shadd softbait! based on the popular EFFTEX winning Stick Shadd they are designed with the same removable weight system as the Soft swimmer where they are rigged on a beast of worm hook where the tunstan weights can be pushed on. the hook sits inside the Lure where the top slit opens pushing the hook into the fish for near 100% weedless fishing over lillies or heavy weedbeds.

Check out the Youtube videos for most of the Sebile range on there own channel, some really innovative designs and lures which in my eyes are punching in a league of there own in the new and exciting lure market of 2010-2011 iv had the chance to check out the 2011 range and expect BIG things..... of coarse ill have first picks before sales in the UK so keep ya eyes peeled. Please check out for the sebile range they will sort you out with most of the 2010 catalogue, get in touch you will not be let down on what ever Sebile lure you choose. Tight lines


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