Sunday, 22 July 2012

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Something iv been thinking about for a while is doing short videos to accompany this blog, so starting from Next week i will start my new series of "hints and tips" plus other lure based vids showing rigging and lure types to detailed looks at the fish we catch on these methods. really looking forward to showing you guys a different way of doing your lure fishing and hopefully help you put more fish on the bank! Heres a quick video filmed this weekend while out wrassing with Karl and my girlfriend Gemma

This is just a demo and the final vids will feature more close ups of rigs and other relevant info. feel free to drop me a message if theres anything you guys feel you would like to see on here as this blog is done for you guys. Anyway we fished this weekend in south Devon for wrasse me Karl and Gemma hit some amazing ground which myself and Gemma had fished about two months ago in fairly awful conditions and we still caught some awesome wrasse and iv been gagging to get back ever since but the weather has really hit my fishing bad!
Check out the sceney! this is the view we got as the sun popped out over the headland, truly stunning the sea was flat as a pancake and crazy clear! things looked good so we all sat on some rocks set our texas rigs whacked on some of Karls soft plastics like the Senko's and the Catapillars its wasnt long before we got hits crawling our lures over the rocks things looked mint but starting slower than hoped! we fished a few rock points on the front of the headland with just the odd bite to show so we upped sticks and ventured around the side of the headland where things looks brilliant the gin clear water showing all the reefs and and gulleys up a treat we could see the wrasse swimming around down in 15ft of water amazing sights.
Heres my first crab cruncher of the day at just over 2lb a puppy compared to the monster we knew lurked below! Karl had already nailed two wrasse to around 3lb on his home made Senko's in the black with green and red glitter i was getting eager now hearing him shouting across the gulley everytime he nailed a fish so i was glad when this pup came along and nailed my senko too! i could still see some wrasse and some fairly bigger ones too lurking in the gulley so i called Gemma over to try and smash her first proper landed ballan wrasse..... it wasnt long before i saw my girlfriend almost yanked off the rocks by this beautiful wrasse
This picture doesnt do it justice the blues and greens of this wrasse mixed with the dark reds and bright oranges these fish never fail to amaze me!! this beauty nailed one of Karls own SP's the Slug-X in a nice natural colour you should of seen the smile across Gemmas face when we landed this i was soooooo proud!! it wasnt long before she was in again from the same gulley this time it was even bigger!#
By this point i was a bit pissed off as i was being beaten by a girl!! not a happy chappy! it wasnt long before she was in again, i couldnt believe it this time the braid screamed off the reel and as i looked up Karl was in too in the gulley next to us. This time i could see Gemma had hooked into something slightly more special, i had to lean over and put a couple turns on her drag as this fish was still taking braid and the ground we were fishing was pretty horrific. heres what we landed i was soooo chuffed!

Check out this Beast! weighing in at 3lb 4oz this was a awesome start to Gemma wrassing day! she was on fire, so not only was she now drawing with Karl she was beating me and caught the biggest fish of the morning so far!! i felt like throwing myself in ha ha ha Karl and Gemma now being on three wrasse each i was seriously lagging behind so decided i would have to up my game!! after fishing on and missing loads we decided to head off and search out another mark. this was a personal favourite of mine and had been looking forward to heading back it wasnt long before we hit fish with all of us getting bites on our Foxtrot Senkos i had a fish on my first cast another wrasse of about 2lb Karl wasnt far behind with another tiddler being landed! once again Gemma showed us how it was done yanking out two wrasse from right under our noses. we fished on around the corner and by this time the tide was bang on low water
I managed to sneak out this little fella from a small pit but things were very slow! the sun was high in the sky so me and karl changed tactics, we tied on smaller hooks and lighter cone sinkers and the smaller 3" Go-b-fox thinking this would buy us some more bites while the tide slacked on low water. it kind of worked with this increasing the bites but these were all really small puppys all under a pound! we clambered over this point to get into deeper water where both of us continued to get knocks and bumps but not much was happening. Gemma scrambles over the rocks and flicks out another one of Karls creations the Frosty Rag a catapillar style senko it wasnt long before i hear drag belting off and Karl shouting "thats a bigger fish" 
after a spirited fight Gemma lands this nice fish weighing in just over 3lb and returned safely to fight another day, we were all tired now after getting up at 3.30am to head down here and had a blast as usual not as manic as we had possibly hoped but we ended the day with 17 wrasse between us with a good few bumped off we all left smiling! it was a nice sunny evening and a pretty walk back along the coastal path to the car where i literally cried all the way due to having my assed kicked by Gemma not only did she catch more but she caught the biggest! last time i take her out lol ;-) off out again soon where i will start doing the proper video blogs so keep your eyes peeled!

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