Monday, 2 July 2012

Busting your balls........

Fished one of my all time fav venues for wrassing this weekend with Karl and then again on the sunday with my brother and our mate Shaun and WOW what a tough weekend indeed....... possible the hardest wrassing iv come across in years and years! Me and Karl had our alarms blaring at quarter to 4am on Saturday for a short drive down to Torbay on some of the rock marks around which over the last few seasons have been a goldmine for local-ish wrassing.
We had some awful winds blowing 20+ but the ground we had wanted to hit was N/E facing so it was blown flat calm, with a bit of cloud cover and nice mild temps things looked like we would be having a action  packed day on the water! how wrong i was...... hit the first mark and covered some blinding reefs and gulleys with not a sniff on the 4" senkos we had been fishing a good hour before i got some hits in a deep gulley tucked in right under my feet after a spirited scrap i yanked out a plump female Ballan around 2lb. we fished on hoping things would hot up but only managed a few taps here and there it wasnt happening at all....... by this time the Makky bashers had made the hike down the cliffs it was carnage with all manner of horrific casting flying left right and centre. We decided that venue number two was calling so a sort 10mins down the road we hit the next venue. it wasnt long before things started to show some interest with me getting hits on the very first cast, five mins later my rods slams 
this plump 3lb 6oz crab cruncher nailes my Tiki stick senko and runs me under the rocks taking drag and whacking a nice big smile on my face! it was on now and me and Karlos were raring to hit some more it wasnt long before i hear a drag screaming and then some swearing from the direction of the Fox, Karl got smashed to pieces around 10yards out a big fish nibbled them engulfed his home made Slugo/Xlayer and turned before snapping him off! GUTTED so Karl rigs up again ready for some more abuse but we hit another brick wall of really slow fishing! we tried everything in the box from Senkos in 4" and 3", Xlayers, craw patterns, Karls home made SP's in various styles it wasnt happening! we moved off to the front of the headland where it was totally out of the wind, it was literally flat as a pancake this side so bites were easy to tell. it wasnt long before Karl shouts he's in!
Possibly one of the ugliest wrasse iv seen in years all covered in boils and scars but was still a good bit of fun played on Karls Nories Rockfish Bottom, was fun trying to get it up over about 12 ft of rock ledge mind you!! we were starting to get a few hits now fishing the lures smack bang tight to the bottom just wriggling our lures nice and slow, Karl went over to the Jikka rig with a 3" senko where as i fished on with the 4" lures still getting hits every now and then, it wasnt by any means kicking off and we really had to work for the bites changing through every colour we had between us, i found the darker patterns getting me more attention with lots of slams on these beautys made by Karl himself

This is Karls Goby SP fished on a 2/0 worm hook these have such a nice action and fished texas along the bottom on a 5g cone head it was the only lure all day that got me regular attention from the crafty ballans, i also used one of Karls rascal Beavers which had me another fish but this was a tacker at about 1.5lb. the day was getting on now and before we knew it we had already clocked 16hours on the water......... talk about tough fishing with only 5 wrasse to show for our efforts...... the conditions couldnt of been any better the only thing we both thought could of snuffled it was the amount of sandeel in the water everywhere you looked was thousands of Eel could this of been a factor of why we struggled to really get any proper sport this weekend?? anyway i was told of some nice wrassing on the bait only a week ago so i feel a mid weeker coming on so watch this space.

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