Monday, 7 May 2012

Wrassy Bassy

Went out today loaded to the teeth for smashing some Wrasse along some of my hotspots, left this morning not really sure of what the water was going to greet us with after all the rain but luckily the water was spot on with perfect tides and water nice and clear i was joined by two of north devons piscatorial perverts Dan and Kyle. this was there first proper wrasse trip with the more modern gear so was good to get out with keen anglers for some good banter anfd fishing fun! after a slow start and a few venue changes the Wrasse didnt really seem to wanna play ball and after only a few chases and taps nothing much was happening! Me and Dan fished a pit when we heard Kyle shout across holding up this beauty
Kyle.B with his PB bass and nailed on a sledhead and Molix sligozzo
This fish was a awesome surprise as we had only just said if felt very bassy today and we had all had a few chucks with the plugs etc with not much luck, this beauty went 4lb 14oz and is Kyles PB and nailed on the lure what a bonus!! the tide had about another hour and a half before low and was looking mint we all managed a few follows on the plugs, i was using a Zonk for a bit then switched over to the MB x120 my heart was skipping beats as i had a fish come in twice on the lure but no hits Dan also has a fish follow on a IMA Nabarone. we fished on for a bit more in hopes for some wrasse when the tide started pushing but nothing happened so after some more banter we headed home! a tough day but good company and a nice bonus bass made it worth while :-)

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