Monday, 28 May 2012

Extreme Ballan Wrasse bashing

We managed to get out again this weekend searching for hefty Ballans with Dan.s and Kyle so after meeting them first thing in the morning the four of us headed off to one of my Pollack and Bass marks which iv not chucked lures for wrasse yet and havent fished in a year or so the weather throughout the week just couldnt get any better it was lush with beaming sunshine and blue skys with next to no wind things looked good! BUT a message from Dan on thurs night saying the winds looked to of kicked off especially for sat!! with gusts of 20mph S/E winds things started to look a little less pukka.... the mark we had planned to fish points southwesterly so with a easterly-ish winds we would be fairly sheltered so still all buzzing we hit the mark ready to punish some Crab Crunchers
It wasnt long before i sniffed a few out of a huge pit gulley with a few casts trying to get the Senko out into deeper water i finally get smashed up! and after a epic scrap i land this beautiful male wrasse showing off his awesome deep spawning colours it was a awesome fish which certainly kicked off the mornings sport at just over 4lb returned to swim another day. by this time the wind was now humping in and shifting 30+mph gusts and i almost got blown off the rocks losing my hat in the sea but thankfully Dan fishes it back out :-) i called Gemma over to fish the gulley next to me where i had my first cast after the fish above and im smashed again in the same area this time this fish peels off braid with a deep hefty fight for a moment i thought it was allot bigger...
with a little help from Gemma i landed this plump 3lber again taken on the superb Hawg Senko from Jacks LRF fished texas style the black with red/green glitter just shafts Ballans its like sweets to them! now by this point Dan and kyle had jumped across a few gulleys and tucked out the way of the mental wind i was now on (get my girlfriend a wrasse) mission and after a bit of casting in the right spot Gemma finally gets into a nice ballan and the rod loops around and Gemma gets stuck in and wind the fish from its hole in the pit, you should of seen the concentration on her face :-) ha ha ha bless her she's really getting into the Texas fishing for wrasse and really shows some good skills she's casting like a dream and actually works the lure better than most! so was awesome to see her with her own wrasse after the frustrating few weekends where she hasnt landed any!
Chuffed to bits that Gemma finally landed one :-) while putting this wrasse back the winds actually blew so hard i lost my hat again this time it went about 50ft in the air and out to sea i had lost my lucky Costa cap :-( i had to actually grab Gemma to stop her getting blown in!! so we decided to move around with the lads. where they had a few good takes but no fish landed but Dan did have one of his SP's completely bitten in half which is always a good sign :-) the weather was horrific now and pretty much unfishable so i fished a small gulley where i got totally ruined by a wrasse it beasted me on my no holes barred drag and snapped me up which is always a gutting situation as i dont like leaving fish with a new piercing! we fished on another half hour and called it a day! nice to get out and brilliant Gemma caught her first wrasse shame the winds reared its ugly head!! Me and Dan are out again soon so fingers crossed!


  1. Nice session Danny. Had a great one just like it today on Portland.

  2. yehhhh theres certainly some nice ground around that way, i have a few mates that live around weymouth and there on it most nights