Sunday, 5 February 2012

Interviews No.2

Hello, my name is Ant Glascoe JR, am 29 years old, and i have been fishing since i was 3, i grew up fishing on my oldmans boat from Anglesey, targeting Bass,Pollock and Tope, to taking on some of the biggest lakes and Scottish Lochs fishing for Pike. We have always had a boat as long as i can remember and the whole family are all keen anglers including my Mom, we are all Scottish, Irish and Norwegian decent so the fishing is deep within our Celtic blood. Having Family that live in some beautyfull places in the UK and Ireland i get to fish some breath taking places. I have been involved in the tackle industry for 15 years writing features,Product development and just basically being a ghost in the background of the industry.Getting involved with some of the biggest brands in the world has gained me to meet lots of great pals in the industry, and now i am a consultant for Savage Gear and Okuma, taking care of the Predator side of things both freshwater and sea. I just like to get on with my fishing, i hate politics in Angling, i just dont get it, Its fishing for F$%cks sakes its suppose to be fun. "Rock N Roll"

Who would be your ideal dinner guests? - My ideal Dinner Guest, Hmnn hard one that,there are many folk on my list, purely just to tell them face to face what a C$%t they are. But on a serious note ill have to go for Frankie Sandford, and deffo put chilli on her badly wrapped Kebab.

If you are not fishing/writing/photographing what would we normally find you doing in your spare time? - In my spare time, i like to drop kick drum kits, listen to my Tunes Buck Fizz im goin mad for at the Moment, drink beer and eat Kebabs. "I watch my soaps too, love Corrie"

What was your favourite year and why? - My Fav year, now thats got to be 1969, Woodstock, why, Because i wasnt born, and i would of love to of been..

If you were a animal what kind of animal would you be and why? - If i was an animal, Hmmnnn, id have to be a trout, but only living in Chew, just purley for the challenge, or a Blenny.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be? - If i could trade places for a week with some one dead or alive, it would have to be Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top the guy is cool as F*$k, but on the other hand Adrian Smith, Iron Maiden the guy is a Legend, then i could enjoy fishing and be apart of Maiden.

What is your worst quality? - My worst Quality, chat up lines for Birds, Body Popping i just cant seem to crack it, and i cant tie Granny Knots. What is your most prized angling related item you have and why? - My most Prized peice of Angling Gear has to be a Batterd Jointed Rapala my dad bought me for Bass fishing for my 8th birthday, its in my safe for memories.

If you could only fish for one fish for the rest of your life what would it be and why? -Now if i could fish for one species for ever it would 100% be Pollock, one of the first fish i caught, i just cant get enough of them.

Angling is supposed to be one of the most relaxing hobbies around so what one thing really pisses you off about our wonderful sport? -What really pisses me off about this sport, Many things to be honest, for starters, two face people really bug me, especially the ones that call ya behind ya back as well as Ass Lick,, but not realiseing they are calling ya to a real mate (There is always a Fly on the wall). Infact my dad has always said, "if you cant say anything good then dont say anything at all", say no more.

Who or what got you into angling? - My oldman got me in to Angling and pointed me in the right direction, i grew up Sea and Freshwater fishing Boat,shore,river and Lochs as a family we do it all, which to me is very important its just the Norm with in the Glascoe Clan, Thanks Mom and Dad.

Where do you see your self in fishing in the next 5 years? - In the Next 5 years, even Fatter, i am aiming to Sherman Klump standards, am just going to keep riding the roller coaster, enjoying the fishing and getting on with life, helping others in the sport too.

Who or what has influenced your angling to get you to the stage you are now? - My Influence has to be my Oldman, he is a great guy and angler,.


  1. Ideal guest Jessica Alba (don't tell the wife)

    One fish for life, so difficult as it would have to be the species at it largest?? Oh not sure, brown trout, no pike, no big rudd, roach, carp, not sure but anything big on a fly rod.

    Worst people are the fish killers. Or those who say I never kill a fish, and then do, Oh it was deep hooked and would have died anyway.

    Most prized item is a hand built cane fly rod 5# river.

    The worst of me is I love nature so much, I miss bites watching it.

  2. where i fish all the local venues are gin clear weedy shallow venues im forever missing surface takes by watching other stuff........

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