Monday, 20 February 2012

2012 biggest Duck Sucker so far!

Fished today on a local venue where since crimbo there has been a fair few 20plussers come out to dead baits and lives so being the forward thinkin lure angler i am soon gave me the get-up and go to hit the water armed to the teeth with glides and swimbaits and joining me was my girlfriend Gemma who i had managed to blag for netting duties and a bonus nice afternoons walk :-) we headed down to the banks and in the first swim had a fish of around 10lb follow up and nose around the lure but couldnt get a take, i had a good idea of how to hit this venue and didnt hang around long in the first swims so me and Gemma walked down in search of Monster Duck Suckers........ it wasnt long before we found some nice deep water with awesome clarity it just screamed PIKE i walked down down to literally the first pool and could see 15-16ft out a proper wompa stompa cruising just under the surface over the shallow bar at the edge of the pool i clipped on a really natural looking Lucky Craft Real Cali cast it out and wham!
19lb 6oz Lure caught Duck Sucker
This beaut smashed the lure and charged off upstream and destroyed off 10-15yards of line upstream with some lumpy head shakes and strong surges to the centre of the pool i turned her where i got my first proper look at the beast! this is where panic sets in, i got Gemma to scramble down the mud with the net ready and waiting. after one more good belting run i slowly dragged her to the net where Gemma lifted and the pike was ours! looked all of 20lb but after gently getting the hooks out and weighed she went a cracking 19lb 6oz bloody chuffed! i slipped her back and after a quick look at the photos carried on luring, with 3 more follows of decent fish with no hits it was time to crack on home as it was getting dark! all in all a fabby afternoon out and me and Gemma enjoyed the fresh air and nice walk with a chunk banked which is always good :-) tackle used was:- butch light rod, Shimano CalaisDC 30lb PP and various glides and swimbaits from Lucky Craft, Savage, Lucky Strike and Sebile.


  1. Well done Danny, got to be happy with that one mate, cracking fish!

  2. yehh nice fish, problem is where this was caught this water gets ALLOT of pressure, looks like this fish has been caught a few times in the last month :-( im dead against pressure on pike and repeat catches are such a shame. i fished a fair way from the "known hotspots" hoping to see different fish. pike thrive on neglect and really crash dive after being handled loads. never mind ayy still a nice fish and lure caught just for snobbery ha ha ha