Sunday, 18 September 2011

Urban Beautys

Hectic few months things have finally settled and with that comes the shite weather :-( i havent been out as much as id like but after some pissing around on my local canal doing small wrecky sessions and a few evenings on the topwaters i decided it was time to figure out where the big perch have been hiding throughout the summer, and boy did i stumble across them! Theres a urban fishery not to far away that for the last say 5years has really come into its own with good heads of perch and pike i posted up last summer a few trips here and always managed to pull it out the hat. i know of some huge perch being caught here so i got my self down there armed with drop shot and carolina rigs hoping for some action.....
after a full morning of fishing the carolina rigs through this stretch i managed 14 perch to just over a pound all to carolina rigs either texposed or on mozzi hooks, the best lure by far was the smallest size of the Megabass Xlayers..... there action is superb and perch just nail them! but here i was struggling to hit the 2lb plus fish! i turned one perch which was bar far the biggest iv seen here locally and was deffo over 3lb and for a moment got my heart pounding :-) but nothing came from it! i decided to head to a small corner where two trees are sunken from the near bank where instantly i get what im after! in the first drop (now on drop shot) i get smashed up and get two 1lb perch one after another.... then a tiddler which had 3 perch follow it up, all over 2lb biggest being a good 3lb! the very next cast i nail this beauty which on the lie detectors hit 2lb 3oz :-) i managed by the point 40plus perch from quarter of a pound 8 of which went a pound plus! the biggest being this 2lb 3oz. drop shot deffo showing the larger fish and such a enjoyable method!
Me and Ady decided that enough was enough i needed to head out to piss off some pike! the same local urban spot has always had the potential to throw up some monsters...... people are feeding the swans/ducks and geese all day long here and the place was crawling with roach and dace perfect pike prey! it wasnt long before the action started! Ady having the first bit of action when this awesome fish nailed his twin tail out in the deeper channel she tipped the scales at 12lb 7oz and certainly started the day off well :-) in the very next swim i cast out my savagegear Da'bush spinnerbait out and half way through the retrieve i felt a sharp knock but no take.... as i lifted the bait of the water up comes a big old head! another mid double comes charging in after it! i was buzzing now, but i think she saw me as it didnt comeback :-( it wasnt long before i had some more luck with another fish of around 9lb smashing my lure but again not hooking up i was now a nervous wreck as seeing Adys double got the juices flowing! the fish couldnt come quick enough!
finally i nailed this lively pike it literally lept 3ft out the water i couldnt believe it! proper took line like allot bigger fish! gotta love summer pike there soooooo explosive! quick photo and it was returned the afternoon then went very slow with only one more small jack showing when it hit my spinnerbait and came off the conditions of the weather and venue couldnt of got any better but it just didnt happen :-( we at least thought more jacks would come out to play! so we headed back to where we had the fish in the morning, with almost instant results! i had another big double i would say a good 13-14lb plus..... it was super long and very meaty this fish chases 3 times even head butting the lure but again wouldnt smash the lure VERY frustrating fishing! while i was playing around tryin to get this fish to take Ady hooks another fish the rod looped over but even that one came off with a twin tail pulled down the hook it was getting a bit downhearted now! couldnt complain though as there was obviously a amazing head of decent double plus fish all within half a mile stretch! we walked back to where i saw my fish double of the day and managed to turn it again right under the rod tip but still no take! :-( ohhhh well i know the fish are there i WILL be back end of the week to settle the scores all in all a great day out with surprising results

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